Grooming Articles

    Control Thick Hair

    Ever struggled with thick hair and wondered how you can manage it? Check out our top tips for making the most of this hair...

    How To Trim A Beard

    Beard maintenance is key to getting that desired style and shape to your beard -  make sure you talk to your barber and research...

    Beards Of Bond

    Ever wondered what some of the most famous James Bond characters would look like with a beard? Penhaligons have created an infographic for just...

    A Winter Beard Care Guide

    Let's take you through our winter beard care guide - a focus on everything you need to know to keep your beard maintained through...

    The Trendiest Beard Style of 2015

    We may have helped you getting your hair looking the best it ever has but your beard needs to match - we look at...

    The Male Grooming Industry

    If you need to learn more about the current state of the mens grooming industry then look no further, we give you an in...

    How To Grow A Beard

    We take a look at the key areas you need to focus on when growing a beard, whether you are a new grower or...

    5 Of The Best Pomades

    For those of you that haven’t noticed the recent trend of the pompadour hairstyle, where have you been? We look closer at some of...

    Top 5 Mens Moisturisers

    When you have a beard, you need to make sure that you are looking after your skin. Check out our guide to the different...

    How To Pick Your First Straight Razor

    Check out our definitive guide on picking your first straight razor, courtesy of Shaver Hut. We look at the variables you need to consider...
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