The Simple Guide to Choosing a Beard Trimmer

    The only two things that millennials and Gen Z have agreed on is their love for Twitter and beards. While our society is forcing women to remove every bit of their body hair, there is pressure on every man to grow the perfect beard.

    Otherwise, he probably won’t be deemed as sexy and manly enough. We all are learning how to stop caving into what society wants, to be able to fit in. However, some men don’t care about society and “what women want”, and they still prefer growing their beards and taking care of them. 

    Since we are all starting to love ourselves just the way we are, it’s time to clarify something that is very important. Genetics isn’t the only reason behind the full perfect beard you see on Instagram male models. There are some things that you can do to grow a full beard.

    You can find some of the best beard products out there that you can use. But even with these products, you still need to tame the beast and control your unruly facial hair. Regardless of your beard length, beard trimmers are there to give you a neat good-looking beard.

    Since most trimmers are expensive, everyone would want to get the right one on their first try. That’s why, we have collected some of the best Ball Hair Trimmers or beard trimmer types out there for you to decide which one is going is suitable for you and your needs. But before we dive deeper, we need to talk about the factors to consider that goes into choosing the right trimmer.  

    Factors To Consider

    It’s not about choosing the most famous brand, or the most expensive one. It’s about choosing a good build quality that will last for some time. The quality you want to look for is whether the blades are made of stainless steel or not. Other good materials are titanium and chromium. They are the most durable, and most importantly, they are the most effective in removing the hairs. 

    The second important factor to consider is your budget. Specifying the amount of money, you are willing to fork out on a trimmer is very important to not overspend. Bearing you budget in mind will eliminate many options which will make the decision easier for you to take. Since trimmers vary in prices based on the features, brand, and quality, make sure to find an affordable trimmer for you that has everything you need from the above main points. 

    After that, comes the convenience. Convenience comes in different shapes and forms. Most probably, you will be dealing with sensitive skin whether it’s on your face or your private parts. That’s why comfort and convenience are two critical factors to consider. You would want a trimmer that has a nice grip to it which makes it easier to be used without any slipping accidents.

    The second important thing is how easily you can pack it. If you are always traveling whether it’s because of work or for fun, you would want something that you can easily pack in your carry on. 

    The most important factor that will determine everything is the purpose of the trimmer. Do you want a trimmer just for your beard? Do you want something that has extra adjustable parts for body hair, nose hair, and even ear hair? Every trimmer design differs from the next one, so, in order to get the one that suits you, you need to determine what you need it for first.

    What To Look For? 

    While the necessary factors we have mentioned can’t be ignored. The different types and features that we will mention aren’t necessities. You can choose freely from them what you want and ignore the rest depending on your preference and needs. Here are some of the most important features to look for. 

    Traditional Or Wireless?

    Some people still appreciate the old traditional wired trimmers that provide endless juice whenever you plug it in. You are not controlled by a certain time frame until the battery is drained. Other people would prefer the portability of wireless trimmers. It’s easier and more convenient to use without a cord in your way. 


    Some trimmers are built from waterproof material that allows them to be used underwater. That means that you can shave or trim your beard and body hair while you are in the shower. This comes in handy for two reasons; the first is that you will definitely save time; the second is that you won’t end up with a clogged sink from all the hair.

    Length Options

    Trimmers usually come with different combs for different lengths that you would want. You can adjust the combs for short, medium, or long. Do you want a duck dynasty beard or a heavy stubble one? It’s your call. You just need to make sure that the trimmer you choose has all the length options that you want. 

    man getting beard trimmed

    Attachments And Accessories

    That’s why we told you to determine whether you are going to be using the trimmer only for your beard or not. If not, accessories will matter the most to be able to get a clean shave for your body hair or you can just trim it to be short. Look for all the accessories and attachments you are going to need.

    Do you need a pop-up ear trimmer? Some turbo trimming modes? Since no one buys a trimmer every week, make sure that you think about the future and bear in mind that your preferences might change, so you need to take these possibilities into consideration. 

    How To Choose The Right Beard Trimmer

    After you have decided on all the above factors and features, it’s time to go online to look for different brands and types of trimmers. The first thing that you need to check is the customers’ reviews. Are people loving this product?

    Read different experiences that people had with trimmers and watch review videos to have some background to what you should expect.

    While brands don’t really matter, don’t go for underground brands as you most probably will end up with bad quality and awful warranty. 


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