Choosing the Right Products for Your Hair Loss Needs

    The signs of hair loss, maybe even the thought of it, can strike panic into the hearts of men up and down the country. 

    In a perfect world, we’d all have a voluminous head full of hair for the duration of our lives. However, the truth of the matter is that we sometimes need a helping hand along the way.

    This article will explore some of the products on offer from Sons that you can use to either maintain healthy hair or take action against the hair loss you’ve spotted. 

    What products are available to me?

    There’s a whole range of products and packages listed on the Sons website. Each one works in its own unique and effective way. 

    A few of the packages, namely the Duo Plan or the Full Works Plan, are some of the treatments you should consider to maintain or restore a healthy head of hair.

    Minoxidil Spray

    Supplied in a 5% strength formula, the Minoxidil Spray is one of the most prescribed medications for male pattern hair loss on the market.

    Minoxidil works by increasing the blood flow and oxygen levels to the hair follicles on your scalp, thus decreasing the resting phase of your hair cycle and increasing the growth stage.

    The topical spray is extremely effective and easy to apply. If the severity of your hair loss is scored at around 2 or 3 on the Norwood Scale, this could be the course of action for you. 

    Finasteride Tablet

    Along with Minoxidil, the Finasteride tablet is a very popular choice. A daily tablet taken orally couldn’t be an easier method of combating hair loss.

    If the DHT hormone is present on your scalp, this can block the crucial nutrients and vitamins you need from entering your hair follicles’ blood vessels. Finasteride blocks this hormone, which limits the damage your hair will encounter.

    For mild to moderate cases of hair loss or thinning, Finasteride is a worthwhile choice – especially for people who suffer from reactions to topical applications.

    Biotin Supplement

    Possessing the requisite level of Biotin (also known as Vitamin B7) in our bodies is vital to hair maintenance.

    Taking a Biotin supplement is likely to increase the amount of keratin your body creates, a protein that can work wonders for hair strength and health. 

    You might have only spotted the initial signs of hair loss, or perhaps you just want to add the supplement to your daily routine as a preventative measure; either way, Biotin can help keep your hair strong and looking good.

    DHT-blocking Shampoo

    Using this shampoo to keep the DHT hormone from harming your hair is an excellent supplemental choice. The indications are favourable that this DHT-blocking shampoo works to slow, and hopefully stop, the hair loss you’re experiencing.

    Partnering this product with one of the medications you’re prescribed could produce extra benefits in your journey.

    For more on all the above products available, explore the Sons website today.


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