How to Leave Your Barber Job to Start Up on Your Own

    Being a barber is one of the few careers with job security in the market today. Additionally, you can set up your barbershop and make a living anywhere in the world. These are probably the top reasons why most barbers set up their shops.

    As a barber, you can work as an employee for another individual or run your own barbershop. Being a self-employed barber is a better option since you can keep all the profits. However, not all individuals can set up a barbershop when starting on the career path. That’s why most barbers begin by working for an already established barbershop to gain experience and learn the most popular hair and beard styles

    There is no specific methodology to follow when it’s time to leave your barber job to start your own. However, here is a detailed list of steps to follow and guidelines for transitioning to your new startup.

    Steps to Follow When Leaving Your Barber Job

    Inform Your Employer About Your Departure

    If you are planning to leave your job as a barber, your employer is the first person you should inform. Losing an employee can be a tough experience, and letting them know of your departure allows them to make the right arrangements in advance. 

    So, schedule a meeting with your boss and explain why you are planning to leave your job.

    Review Your Employment Contract

    Once you inform your employer that you plan on leaving your job, the next step is to go over your employment contract, if there is any. Most employment contracts have a non-compete clause that ensures an employee would not compete with the employer for a certain period after their tenure ends. 

    If you are planning to start your own barbershop, it is vital to review your non-compete agreement with your employer. Ensure you stress your desire to resign from the job in good terms. That can help you convince your boss to release you from the agreement, allowing you to set up your new barbershop. 

    Delegate Your Duties to Your Colleagues

    Same as any other profession, barbers have loyal customers. It is important that you ensure these clients are in safe hands before you leave your job. So, start by making a plan to delegate your duties and clients to your colleague or replacement.

    Transitioning your responsibilities to another individual is not always easy since barbers develop a personal relationship and understanding with their clients. However, it is still a good idea to inform your customers that you are leaving, but their needs would be well taken care of, even in your absence. 

    Consolidate Your Personal Items From the Workplace

    Once you make all the necessary preparations, the next step you should take is to pack all your personal belongings. You should also take this time to inform your colleagues that you are leaving to avoid causing confusion when they see you packing your stuff. 


    Leaving your barber job and starting your own barbershop can be a challenging experience. But the step is worth it, considering the fruit is being your own boss. Follow the tips above to make the transitioning process less challenging. 


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