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Want your barbershop to stand out from your competitors this year? Here are some of ways that you can stand head and shoulders above the rest
ash coppard the barber
We caught up with Ash Coppard, the West Sussex barber who was inspired by his sibling to get into barbering and loves the social aspect of the industry
STU WALLWORK-WALSH working in barbershop
We caught up with Stu Wallwork-Walsh, the West Yorkshire barber who loves the social aspect of the industry and the importance of a strong team.
ellie mccann
We caught up with Ellie McCann, a Master Barber from Cornwall who loves the social life of barbering and the shop that she runs with her partner.
The long pauses, the unbalanced hushes, the dread of not getting a similar hairdresser once more, the expanding nervousness of missing your next gathering and the full scale bother of getting a hair style. So where does this London freedom to work, remote...
barber standing in barbershop
If a man could recollect one of his most enjoyable memories, it would most likely be that time he went for a trim and a cut at the barbershop. The soothing and infinitely relaxing hot towel presses, the careful caring, brushing, and trimming of the beard, and the calming...
drakes of london
We were invited to the Drakes of London Tower Hill branch, London to experience one of their infamous beard trims and grooming experiences. Drakes was founded in 2004 by owner Ray Khanpur with the intention of providing the best men’s haircuts and grooming service. We will get on to...
barber queue
A trip to your barber isn't supposed to be complicated and it is something that you have most likely been doing for years. Have you actually thought about your etiquette in the barbershop though? (These people are regularly handling sharp objects very close to your head). Check out some of...
johnny's chop shop
We were lucky enough to be invited to the grand opening of the second Johnny’s Chops Shop Barbers launch in London (33 Marshall Street to be exact). The event promised a high quality barbering experience as well as a chance to meet the founders of this flagship barbershop.
Pall Mall Barbers is a London based barbershop, built on history and tradition, offering a premium barbering experience to the people of London.With 4 barbershops located centrally – Westminster, Bishopsgate, Fitzrovia and Trafalgar Square, their barbers have over 300 years of collective barbering experience between them, in London, the...