How to Adjust Your Skincare and Grooming for the Summer Conditions

    Before you head out to enjoy the sunny rooftop bars and breezy beaches that lie ahead, you should consider how everyone’s favorite season affects your skin. At first, it may seem a bit unnecessary to change your skincare and grooming routine for summer, but there are a number of reasons why it’s important. 

    In summer, your skin is akin to the dashboard of a car. Leave it untreated and it’ll quickly crack and fade. Additionally, increased temperature and humidity levels can result in your skin producing excess oil, leaving it a little too shiny. Coupled with sweat, the extra oil can clog up your pores and contribute to unsightly breakouts. 

    If this sounds familiar, check out these six tried-and-tested tips for adjusting your skincare and grooming for the summer conditions. 

    Splash on Some SPF

    As you might already know, sunscreen is an absolute essential in summer. The FDA recommends a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF value of 15. Sneak in some extra protection by using a primer or BB cream that contains SPF. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat, staying in the shade and re-applying your sunscreen after swimming will also help. 

    man balancing on slackfline at beach

    If you’re yet to find a sunscreen that doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily, consider using an SPF-loaded moisturizer. Look out for a brand that’s non-comedogenic, as these won’t clog your pores. Opt for a moisturizer with extra sunray-stopping ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium for bonus points. 

    Fight the Frizz

    All that muggy heat and humidity can leave your dome looking like a hurricane victim. If your hair is prone to frizz, pick up a hair product that contains oils. This is because typical shampoos and conditioners tend to sit on top of your hair, while oils penetrate deep within. As a result, your hair will be heavier and less puffy, fluffy and mucky.

    Ease Your Eyes

    Those rooftop bar nights tend to run closer to sunrise than sunset, not to mention the potential drinking that lead you to stay that long in the first place. Such is the way of summer, but all the extra puffiness around your eyes the next morning isn’t exactly the best look. Fool your boss and look your freshest by applying the occasional eye mask. 

    Exfoliate More

    If sweaty, oily, and generally clogged up pores are the problem, exfoliating is the solution. This is especially important in summer when high temperatures lead to more sweating, which leaves dirt on your skin and can lead to breakouts come the day that follows. Use a gentle chemical exfoliant to carefully remove any dirt and dead skin.

     man with exfoliating face mask

    It’s also a great way to dispose of any peeling skin from previous sunburns. That said, exfoliators can be pricey. A great homemade alternative involves using three parts baking soda and one-part water. In fact, baking soda has a ton of applications that you might not know of. This post details some of the various benefits of baking soda

     Moisturize Well

    Summer is usually associated with oiliness, dehydration, and the use of acne-fighting products can leave your skin dry and cracked. Opt for a lightweight moisturizer that won’t clog up your pores. Again, using one with added SPF protection is a great idea. Knowing your skin type will go a long way in helping you find the right moisturizer for summer.

    Switch to Self-Tanner

    While sun-kissed skin is one of the main benefits of summer, it’s not all that healthy. Instead of laying it out on the sand, consider using a self-tanner for a natural-looking faux glow.


    You can have beautiful skin all year-round. Simply make the right adjustments and pay attention to what your skin needs most. 


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