Tips on How to Maintain a Model-Like Hairstyle

    Sometimes, this thought always crosses our mind, “I wish I was a teenager again” isn’t it? You know why? Until you have lived a real teenage life, you wouldn’t know the importance of having a good hairstyle.

    Let me tell you, just to try it out once. Ask a teenager where did you get this hairstyle from? You will see the confidence on his face when he tells you about his hair stylist.

    Every individual wants to have a desirably soft beard and hair. You’d want the kind of hair so nice, that people come up to you and ask you the super-secret behind it. No matter whether your hair is curly, frizzy, rough, whatever, you are at the right place.

    Below are certain tips to have and maintain a model-like hairstyle.

    1. Products to be used

    Well, it depends on the kind of hairstyle you are looking for, from options like using a gel, paste, wax, cream, etc. Paste and wax should be used when hair is dry. Finger comb your hair to give it a casual look. Creams and gels go well with wet, towel dried hair. For better application and result, you can spread them on your palm and then apply.

    2. Limited Shampoo

    It takes time for your hair to replenish its oil biologically. Shampooing once in every 2-3 days is decent enough. Apart from that, if you just rinse your hair with water when showering, should just be fine.

    3. Use a blow dryer

    For naturally thin hair, using a blow dryer and a comb to add volume to them. There are two methods to help you blow dry your hair in the most natural way:

    1. Drying and combing your hair up simultaneously will let the hair to stay up.
    2. Making use of the gravity by blow drying your hair upside down.

    4. Consider suggestions from your hair-stylist 

    Having a trouble to find the right hairstyle for you? Consider your hair stylist’s suggestion. Also, advise him to use proper Hairdresser scissors for better results for you and his other customers.

    barber trimming back of mans neck

    5. Keep trimming and maintaining your beard

    You’ve got to maintain your hair and beard style. There is no second option. Hair grows and you cannot stop that action. Keeping a small electric trimmer/razor is the best option. Use it to clean up the round edges and maintain them. This will save you both money and time.

    6. Use a Dry Shampoo

    This is just AWESOME. Keep a bottle and you can even use it on the go, something like a deodorant for your hair. Dry shampoo cleans up your hair and scalp by absorbing the grease from it and it is just amazing.

    7. Fight humidity

    Humidity is the biggest enemy of hair. The moisture causes the hair to frizz as it diminishes the product used, resulting in adding weight to it. Follow these tips to overcome this issue.Use an anti-humectant pomade. It repels moisture from the hair helps to keep them in control.

    Wear shorter hair. You will need fewer products and there will be a minute effect of the moisture.

    And that’s all about maintaining a fresh, model like hairstyle. Use these tips to look your best and feel like a teenager maintaining his hairstyle again.


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