Complimenting Your Beard With Well-Groomed Hair

    Beards are an essential piece in a man’s look; while women have makeup, men only have their beards. In the early days, no one actually paid that much attention to beards; the use and maintenance of beards was basic. More recently, people have started placing more attention on the way their beards look; which is great.

    However, with the spotlight being on beards, it is easy for men to neglect their hair. Granted, grooming a beard can be a dreary, time-consuming job; yet, it doesn’t mean that hair should be overlooked.

    What people may not know; and what we are saying, is that a well-groomed head of hair can make or break a man’s look, regardless of their beard style.

    Here is what to keep in mind when grooming your hair:

    1. Balance

    According to the words of Mr. Miyagi, balance is key in all areas of life. When it comes to hair and beard combinations, balance is, indeed, necessary. Think of a well-groomed, thick beard as suit pants, you simply cannot wear a college hoodie on top, right?

    In other words, your hair can’t be ruffled in a “bed head” sort of way, if you’re going for a thick, Viking-style beard; your hair needs to have a precise shape. On the other hand, if you want to go for a bed-head look, you’d look your best with a short, scruffy beard, or no beard at all.

    2. Hair Length

    Some people can grow a beard, others can’t; there is no good or bad, it all comes down to how you use your beard. Likewise, other people need help with itchy scalps when their hair gets a bit long which means they can’t grow out their hair, either.

    man with short hair and beard

    For those with extremely short hair, it is best to keep an extremely short beard; it helps in giving your face a more defined shape. With longer, thicker hair, it is highly recommended that you grow your beard a bit more.

    3. Facial Structure

    Some men have a facial structure that make them look as rugged and rough as the dwarves from Lord of The Rings, others have faces as smooth as the elves. With a defined bone structure, you can grow your hair as long as you want it to be; without the need for a beard. Softer faces with long hair, however, could use a beard. The thicker your beard gets, the more you’d have to keep your hair in check, as opposed to letting it roam free.

    Having said all of the above, there is one more thing that you need to take into consideration. The relationship between hair and beard can be explained over and over but, creating a good look depends on you. It is about you understanding how you look with certain hairstyles, and certain beard styles. When you fully understand yourself, you’ll be able to develop a style of your own using our few pointers.

    Finally, keep in mind that letting your hair run wild doesn’t mean you just wake up and go out; you need to find a balance between utter chaos and immaculacy. Good Luck!


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