Three Ways to Battle Beard Dandruff

    Dandruff affects almost half of all Americans, beginning in pre-puberty and often extending throughout an adult’s lifetime. Although it is best known for causing unsightly white flakes on the scalp, if you have a beard, you may also find that it is blighted with dandruff.

    If you are like most proud bear wearers, then you probably take a considerable amount of care to ensure your beard is clean, well trimmed, and clear. Dandruff, which affects your appearance and can cause uncomfortable itching, can certainly wrest from your joy of sporting a beard.

    But don’t reach for your razor just yet! Fortunately, there are ways to soothe irritated areas and keep skin in tip-top, dandruff-free condition. 

    The Natural Approach to Hydration

    Often, skin flakes off because it is simply not well moisturized enough. If you have sensitive skin, try to forego products containing harsh chemicals, opting for natural oils and moisturizers made with organic ingredients if possible. Top ingredients to watch out for to increase skin hydration beneath your beard hair include herb-infused grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and acai oil.

    These are powerful for different reasons. A quality herb-infused grapeseed oil that is non-comedogenic and high in quality antioxidants will help your skin retain moisture and create a protective barrier. Acai oil, meanwhile is rich in phenolics – fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory properties and a wealth of antioxidants. Coconut oil, meanwhile, helps trap moisture in, ensuring that any products you are applying remain locked on your skin rather than disappearing via evaporation. 

    Moisture Boosting Facials

    Once a month, a moisturizing facial is key. If possible, opt for a facial similar to the hydrafacial, which exfoliates and moisturizes at once. Exfoliation is key for all skin types but if you have flaky or dry skin, it is extra important. Exfoliation will slough off dead cells, allowing new, glowing skin to replace dry or dull complexions.

    It will also allow any products you apply to seep into skin. Any facial you opt for should ideally involve the application of hyaluronic acid – a very gentle acid that really helps trap moisture in skin.

    Daily Skincare with a Focus on Moisture

    Consistency is key when it comes to preventing dandruff. It’s no use visiting the spa if you don’t upkeep your skin routine on a day-to-day basis. After washing and toning your face and the skin beneath your beard (gently separate hair to ensure products meet your kin), apply an essence. The latter are the latest in skincare, since they balance skin and prepare it for the products you apply subsequently.

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    After your essence, apply an antioxidant serum that is free of products like salicylic acid (which is fantastic for exfoliation but can irritate sensitive skin). Concentrate on antioxidant-, hyaluronic acid- rich formulae. Top with a natural beard oil and finally, a moisturizer to lock in all the goodness.

    Unless your beard dandruff is excessive, the issue can be kept under control with daily care. Gentle exfoliation, deep hydration, and the occasional facial can do plenty to keep the skin beneath your beard well hydrated without the oiliness as well as help fixing a patchy beard.

    Even if you do have oily skin, facial oils and moisturizers are not to be feared. On the contrary; so long as they are non-pore-blocking, they can help avoid excess sebum production, caused by oil glands that are over-compensating for skin dehydration.


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