The Art Of Having A Beard: Choosing A Beard For Your Face Shape

    With No-Shave November coming to an end, men across the country will be finding themselves with grown out facial hair and a decision to make: do I shave it off or do I keep it?

    There is no doubt that facial hair has caught on in popularity in recent years, and according to experts and multiple studies, men with beards are often perceived to be more dominant, older, stronger and wiser by both women and other men.

    However, whether it is for appearance purposes or to support a worthy cause like cancer research, most men find themselves tackling a common issue when first growing their beard: does my face suit it? If so, what style is the best one for me?

    Getting To Know Your Face Shape

    Just like your haircut or choice of clothing, your beard style should match your physical features and personality. Those beginning weeks are the best time to establish your neckline so that you can begin to train your beard and cultivate a suitable beard style.

    To do this, you need to get to know your face shape before heading to your local barber or researching the styles most suited for your shape. A common method is with the use of a flexible tape measure. Start by measuring the widest part of your forehead (normally halfway between your hairline and eyebrows).

    After that, measure your cheekbones just below the outer corner of your eyes, along with your jawline. This is normally from below your ear to the end of your chin.

    Men are very peculiar, when it comes to styling their beard.  The shape of the jaw plays a crucial role while perceiving a certain beard style. Determining jaw shapes is much easy and can give a perfect dimension to your face.

    Finally, measure the length of your face, using the center of your hairline as a guide. It may also help you to narrow down your face shape by sketching your facial features and details. Visualizing your facial features can shorten the process, and also help you imagine what different styles look like on your face shape.

    Matching Your Face Shape To A Style

    If you find that the length of your face is larger than the width of your cheekbones and your forehead is larger than your jawline, you may have an oval face shape.

    Men with an oval face tend to suit most beard styles, making it easy for them to transition when growing a beard and try out new styles in the future. It also makes men with oval faces the perfect candidates for testing the popular beard styles out there.

    As a general rule, you will want to avoid sharp angles, but be sure to go for clean lines of definition. On the other hand, those with a round face shape find that their cheekbones and face length are similar in measurement. If that sounds like you, opt for elongating beard styles to balance your facial proportions.

    Consider longer beard styles where the sides are kept short. This will help in giving the illusion of a more angular face shape. 

    Meanwhile, those with an oblong face shape want to go for the opposite effect of those with a round face, opting for styles that add width. Styles with fuller sides or styles that include a moustache are great options. 

    Another common face shape is a square face. Men with a square face will have similar measurements across their faces, with the exception of a sharply angled jawline. Go for a beard style that highlights this feature, such as a Balbo beard.

    There are many other facial structures, such as a triangular (heart-shaped) face, which are more suited to a long, full beard. The key is getting your face shape right. After that, it is easy to visualize a style that works well for you.

    Maintaining The Perfect Beard Style

    As your hair grows, it will be up to you to groom it into that desired style. In addition to the perfect beard trimmer, be sure to invest in a comb and scissors to help you groom those stray hairs. You will also need skincare and haircare products aimed at preventing beard dandruff.

    These should include a beard oil with moisturizing ingredients like jojoba oil. Beard wax is also useful for taming frizzy hairs and presenting a more uniformed appearance. Finally, don’t forget to include a beard wash and conditioner to effectively cleanse your beard of any dirt and keep it soft and manageable.

    A well-grown and groomed beard can speak volumes about a man. It can project confidence, maturity, and wisdom. However, it is not just about growing out your facial hair, but about choosing the right style for you. That begins with your face shape.


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