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    Meet The Team

    Hi! I'm

    Joshua Moore

    A big welcome to TheBeardMag from from me. I am the Editor in Chief and founder for the site and am loving sharing more information for all bearded men of the world. My background is in online marketing and social media. TheBeardMag was a project that I started back in 2014, when I found big gap in the market for an online publications dedicated to the bearded lifestyle.

    Fun Fact - I have been growing my hair for about 4 years now and is almost as long as my arm. It also takes me about 6 months to grow a medium length beard from scratch.

    Joshua Moore

    Peter Minkoff

    Senior Writer

    Peter is a lifestyle editor at HighStyleLife magazine from UK, living in London and occasionally in Brisbane, Australia! Beside writing he worked as a menswear stylist for many events around UK & AUS

    Dylan Benoit


    A Canadian Chef living in the Cayman Islands. Has recently spent a few months in Southeast Asia on a research and development trip for his restaurant Mizu Asian Bistro + Bar with his brother Lucas.

    Bianca Chadder


    A freelance writer and blogger from Northampton, UK. A mental health worker and lover of dinosaurs.

    Francesca Burke


    Francesca is a freelance writer from Essex, England. Her work has appeared on The Story Shack to name but one of the hundreds of publications.