Top Grooming Gift Ideas For The Style-Conscious Man

    Some people are easy to buy gifts for. Into fishing? Here’s a new set of lures. Bookworm? How about a voucher from your favourite bookstore? When someone has particular tastes, though, things get a little trickier. And a style-conscious man is someone that has particular tastes. 

    If you’ve been tasked with finding this man a gift, it’s natural to feel anxious, given the time and scrutiny they invest in their appearance. Not that you should. With a little ingenuity, however, you can find a gift that’ll not only make them smile, it’ll find its way into their daily routine. For instance, the right hair styling powder or cologne could become a staple of their daily grooming routine. 

    But why stop there? Here are our top grooming gifts for the style-conscious man. 

    1. Beard trimmer

    If this man enjoys sporting a thicket of facial hair, then no doubt they enjoy keeping it in order. Yes, an unruly beard can be a stylistic choice; most of the time, though, they’ll want it looking just right. And a beard trimmer is the undeniable first choice tool for getting things to look just right. 

    Quick and hassle-free, a quality beard trimmer lets him make adjustments whenever he wants; at home, on the road, hell—even between meetings. If it’s his first attempt at growing the rug, make sure he’s briefed on how to trim. That way, he’ll avoid any facial hair malfunctions. 

    2. Moustache grooming kit

    Let’s stay with the face a bit longer. If this man’s facial hair game is strong, then it’s safe to assume he loves to harvest the crop once in a while. Air things out. And when he does, it’s equally safe to assume he lets the mo’ continue growing wild. 

    That said, a moustache, no matter how impressive, needs reigning in on occasion. This is where a grooming kit comes in handy. If he truly is style conscious, he’ll like to take his time with things; an afternoon in front of the mirror sculpting his mo to perfection will feel like an afternoon well spent with the right kit. 

    3. Moisturiser

    The trick with gifting the style-conscious man is not trying to reinvent the wheel. Get him things he already knows and trusts. Get him moisturiser. Style-conscious or not, this is a fantastic gift for any man, a gift that has benefits that reach far beyond looks. 

    If skincare hasn’t been at the top of his regime, this is the perfect catalyst to nurture a healthy habit. We’ve long known how much your skin rejoices when it’s properly cleaned and rejuvenated. Giving him the gift of a quality moisturiser will make his face really shine or simply keep it shining. 

    4. Sunscreen

    Another healthy—and critical—habit is looking after your skin when you’re in the sun. Unless he’s the type of style-conscious man who only appears at night (we’re looking at you, Dracula), he’ll need to be wary of the sun to keep his stylish appearance intact. 

    Choosing sunscreen isn’t as simple as it once was, with good reason. Now, you have the opportunity to buy sunscreen that’s made specifically for your skin type. If you don’t know whether this man has dry, sensitive, or acne-prone skin, don’t worry. There are certain things that all good sunscreens have. 

    Make sure the brand or type you choose has an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 30 or higher. And always make sure it protects against UVA and UVB rays. The former contributes to skin ageing, while the latter causes sunburn. Neither of which will interest a style-conscious man. 

    5. Date with a tailor

    Before you take this suggestion too literally, hear us out. Until now, you’ve probably not thought about buying this man clothes. Surely, you think, their style is too particular, too precise, that anything I buy them will only end up at Vinnies, with the tag still on. Well, think again. If you stumble across a shirt, a blazer, a pair of trousers, that you’re confident they’ll love, get it. Don’t stress about whether it’ll fit perfectly, just get it. After all, every well-groomed man needs his own black tie suit.

    Now, to complete this gift, book this man an appointment with your local tailor. This is where the real magic happens. They’ll have that business shirt fitting this man so well, he’ll be forgiven for thinking it was stitched together with him in mind. It might even prove the start of a glorious relationship between the two.  

    The beauty of choosing a gift for someone who is style-conscious is that it encourages you to be more creative with your gifting. Advertising professionals often gush about tight, constrained creative briefs, as they push you to think outside the square. The same goes for choosing the right gift. Keep an open mind and you’ll be surprised how many options suddenly present themselves. Options that have every chance of getting his nod of approval.


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