DIY Beard Care: 3 Recipes for Facial Hair You Can Make from Home

    Cooped up during quarantine? Most of are. With social distancing restrictions in effect, the odds of connecting with your boys and catching up over a few cold ones are pretty slim.

    And the chance of you going to the store to stock up on hygiene products—during a time when we’re all encouraged to stay home, and appearances are rendered meaningless? Yeah… we’re going to guess that’s close to 0%.

    Let’s be real, any excuse to hangout in sweatpants and sit on the couch all day is welcome in our book—but there’s going to come a time in the not-so-distant future when you’ll be forced to confront the reflection in the mirror you’ve been dodging over the last couple months and (spoiler alert) it won’t be pretty.

    Before you know it, the beaches will reopen, you’ll wish you had been drinking White Claws over PBRs, and that you tamed your unruly mane well in advance. Don’t let your scruff keep you from socializing when the gates finally reopen. Look around the house for the items in these recipes to make DIY beard care products in the comfort of your home. You’ll save yourself a trip to the store, pocket a few extra dollars, and kill your boredom—all while making your beard a beaut once again.

    1. All-Natural DIY Beard Shampoo

    When’s the last time you showered? On second thought, maybe don’t answer that. What’s important now is getting your scruff back to gentlemanly standards, meaning clean, sanitary, and free of Cheetos debris.


    • Coconut oil or jojoba oil (2 oz) – These are called carrier oils because they “carry” or dilute essential oil so that it’s safe to apply on skin.
    • Pure-Castile liquid soap (¼ cup) – You might need to order this all-natural cleaning agent off Amazon, but it works up a nice lather and is super versatile to use around the house.
    • Tea tree essential oil (⅛ tsp) – The tea tree plant extract has natural antimicrobial properties, so it’ll do a good job of getting rid of any bacteria lingering in there as well as any stench they leave behind.
    • Scented essential oil (⅛ tsp) – Dealer’s choice on this one. Everyone has a preferential scent profile, whether that’s bright and crisp or warm and earthy. If you don’t have a clue, peppermint is always a safe choice.
    • Distilled water (¼ cup) – Finally, add distilled water to the mix, shake it up, and voila, a frothy beard shampoo at your fingertips.

    2. DIY Beard Oil Infused with CBD

    If you missed our ultimate guide to CBD oil, go back and learn about the amazing benefits this chemical compound offers. It’s found in cannabis (i.e. marijuana) plants, but unlike THC, it doesn’t contain psychoactive properties, so it won’t make you feel high.

    We’re always pretty choosy about what we apply to our beards, but CBD is a no brainer on account of its skin-softening, acne-fighting, anti-aging effects. CBDfx makes pure, lab-tested CBD tinctures so you can feel confident about putting it on your face.


    • Jojoba, avocado, and/or argan oil (2 oz) – Joboba oil is a miracle-worker in the softness department, avocado oil is essentially nutrient-rich beard food, and argon oil is light but hydrating. Take your choice or add a few drops of each depending on what your beard needs.
    • CBD oil (150 mg) – The number of drops you add to the mix will depend on the strength of your product. CBD drops are available in a range of strengths.
    • Vitamin E oil (⅛ tsp) – Add a few drops for an even silkier shine.
    • Essential oil (10-20 drops) – Mix and match scents however you like, but don’t add more than 20 drops to 2 oz of carrier oil.

    3. DIY Marijuana Mustache Wax

    Hey, why not? We’re already on the topic of CBD benefits for facial hair, so let’s keep the momentum rolling with a marijuana mustache wax. You can use the same CBD oil, or you can infuse marijuana flowers with the oil using the weed that may or may not be laying around your house. If you go the latter route, you’ll reap the additional perks of THC, THCA, and CBDA.

    • Jojoba oil (1 oz) – You should really consider buying this guy by the quart considering how often it can come in handy.
    • White beeswax with concentrated or fractionated cannaoil (1 oz) – For a stronger wax that can hold curls and twirls, drop the ratio down to 0.5:1.

    Melt the wax in the microwave, stir in the oil, then scrape it into a container to cool and you’re all set—no more fly-aways.

    We’ll have you shaped up for socialization in no time. Start looking around the house and let us know what beard care products you create.


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