6 Interesting Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Your Beard

    Cannabidiol is one of 400 compounds found in hemp, but it’s one of a kind when it comes to delivering amazing health and wellness benefits without getting you high. It’s commonly used to treat a long laundry list of mental and physical ailments, including skin care and beauty needs. Terpenes contained in fresh cannabis buds are grown from female cannabis seeds with a high CBD content. Terpenes have beneficial effects on the nervous system and reduce skin irritations.

    If you’re trying to grow out your beard, you might be interested to know that CBD could help. If you buy quality CBD oil to put on your beard, it could result in some of the following benefits. 

    1. Minimize Ingrown Hairs 

    Ingrown hairs make up one of the most frustrating parts of having facial hair. Even if you allow your beard to grow freely without shaving any areas under your chin or on your cheeks for shaping purposes, it can still result in painful, red, inflamed, and ugly ingrown hairs. 

    CBD is believed to be an anti-inflammatory agent that could target those big, ingrown hairs and relieve the pain and swelling. It could also help to stimulate hair follicles and moisturize the skin to help prevent ingrown hair problems in the future. 

    For some people, ingrown hairs can be affected by hormone levels. It’s believed that CBD works with your body’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for some hormonal responses. When applied to the face, CBD-based topicals can absorb into the skin and bind with nearby cannabinoid receptors to help minimize hormone-based ingrown hairs. The same can be said for CBD taken internally. 

    2. Prevent and Treat Acne 

    One of the best benefits of having a beard is that it covers up much of the acne that might be on the lower half of your face. But that doesn’t mean you don’t know it’s there. It can be painful, and sometimes it can be visible even with a full beard over the top. 

    CBD oil in CBD creams and lotions has been linked with helping to treat and prevent acne. Some preliminary studies argue that CBD can reduce the production of sebum in the pores. Sebum is responsible for clogging pores and creating white heads, black heads, and other acne spots. 

    It’s also responsible for painful cystic acne, which is an inflammatory type of acne that ruptures the skin cell wall because of too much dead skin cells, bacteria, and sebum inside a pore. CBD could prevent some of the sebum production that causes acne all over the face. 

    CBD is also believed to be an anti-inflammatory, so it can help to treat inflammatory acne that’s already there. It can reduce swelling so that your skin can heal and return to normalcy at a faster rate. 

    3. Softens Wiry Beard Hairs 

    How many times has your significant other complained about the scratchiness of your beard when you plant a kiss on her cheeks or lips? She might like the look, but the wiry beard hairs don’t feel pleasant against the sensitive skin of her face. 

    CBD oil could help to soften the wiry beard hairs. Hair strands and follicles are healthiest when they have good oils to promote their growth and vitality, and CBD oil could help to replace some of the oils lost around your beard with facial cleansers and soap. 

    CBD could also moisturize the skin beneath the beard hairs, creating an overall softer feel for you and your significant other. 

    4. Stimulates Follicle Growth and Limits Loss 

    Growing a full, long, healthy beard is not as easy as it looks. Many men don’t genetically have the ability to grow a full beard. It may come later, as you shave and re-grow, but if you’re looking for a faster way to stimulate hair growth and enjoy a fuller beard, CBD may be able to help. 

    CBD has been found in shampoos because it could stimulate follicle growth. It has been connected with cell growth and regeneration that can produce faster-growing-thicker beards. 

    The oil itself also contains a host of fantastic vitamins and nutrients that are great for hair growth including vitamins A, E, C, antioxidants, 21 amino acids, and omega 3 fatty acids. Together, these nutrients stimulate follicle growth and promote healthy hair. 

    If CBD works to regenerate cells, it could also help to prevent and/or replace hair loss. Those suffering from alopecia barbae, a hair loss condition that attacks beards, may find relief with CBD-based products

    5. Treats Itch and Burn 

    A well-groomed beard is not without its irritations. As you shave around the edges and shape it perfectly, it can itch or burn. After shave is a popular product to help restore moisture and relieve some of this irritation, but it’s not always fully effective. 

    man with beard dandruff

    After-shave creams with the best CBD oil, on the other hand, show promise in reducing these skin irritations. CBD has antioxidant and skin calming properties that can help to normalize problem areas. It could also relieve pain and inflammation.  

    CBD-based creams also contain vitamins and nutrients that have skin-normalizing properties. When mixed with other ingredients used in after-shave lotions, it can be incredibly effective for minimizing shaving irritation. 

    6. Enjoy Residual Benefits of CBD 

    Each day that you apply CBD to your beard, it will absorb into the top layers of your skin. Although some of the enzymes in CBD will be broken down in this process, much of the CBD will enter your bloodstream and allow the CBD to course throughout your body. If you are living in the United Kingdom, you can find many of the best UK CBD products online, just make sure to choose the one that best benefits you.

    As a result, you could enjoy many residual health and wellness benefits of using CBD including the treatment of: 

    There’s also a growing body of research to show that CBD might have properties to prevent certain health problems in the future. It’s believed that CBD could have neurological protective benefits to minimize a person’s risk for developing autism and dementia. It may also help prevent: 

    • Heart disease
    • Diabetes
    • Cancer 

    You might be very surprised to learn that when you’re applying CBD oil to your beard, you’re actually applying it to your entire lifestyle. IIf claims about CBD are true, a daily dose of CBD oil that you can get from Nature and Bloom rubbed into your beard could have long-lasting and profound consequences. 


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