5 Tips On Staying Healthy While Being Quarantined

    With social distancing and self-isolation in full effect, you might find yourself struggling to prioritize your health both physically and mentally– especially when access to the outside world is limited. However, with technology becoming so accessible, there are many ways to stay on top of your health. 

    Here are five tips on managing your overall wellness while staying in: 

    1. Stay On Top Of Your Medication

    With health professionals urging us to stay home, except for serious emergencies, seeking medical help can seem like a complicated task. However, telemedicine is making it easier for patients to engage with providers while also seeking the medical attention they need. Telemedicine companies can diagnose you through their online doctor consultations and allow you to chat with physicians remotely. 

    This can be extremely beneficial for men taking daily medications, such as Cialis for erectile dysfunction or Prozac for anxiety, and need to maintain their treatments from home. If you prefer communicating face-to-face with a doctor, then try interactive medicine, which allows you to communicate with a doctor via video chat. Telemedicine is a convenient way to stay on top of your health while practicing social distancing. 

    2. Create a Balanced Diet

    While quarantined, you might find yourself snacking on anything you can get your hands on, especially when boredom begins to hit. Eating certain foods like junk food or overly-processed food can increase your dopamine levels and release hormones that make you feel good, and when you are stuck at home you might be craving a pick me up.

    Use this time to develop healthy eating habits by keeping a virtual food journal. It will allow you to analyze what you’re putting into your body and your mood. 

    If you’re stuck on what healthy meals to make or how to prepare it then try a meal kit delivery service, like Home Chef, that will send you healthy meal options with all the ingredients you’ll need to ensure you’ll get it right. Most meal kit delivery services can be customized for any dietary restrictions, and come right to your door for easy access. They also come with meal ideas for weeks to come, so you won’t have to worry about leaving your house for any last-minute ingredients. 

    3. Get Off The Couch 

    If you’re spending the majority of your day working from your couch or lounging around you might find yourself feeling too sluggish to get your daily workout in. However, It’s important to get up from the couch and stay active throughout the day, while limiting your interactions with other people. If you tend to rely on a personal trainer or gym equipment to get your workouts started, then consider downloading a fitness app that can track your progress and guide you through personalized workouts.  

    If you’re trying to save a couple of dollars but still want to get a full-body workout, then use free online video-sharing platforms, like Youtube, to your advantage. You can even search for videos that incorporate various objects you have throughout your home. Planning at-home workouts or dedicating a couple of minutes a day to a full-body workout will help create a schedule for you and keep your mood up while being home. 

    4. Check Your Sleeping Habits

    Spending countless hours inside can cause your internal clock to feel out of whack. Although tempting, sleeping in and staying up late might be causing you more harm than good. Staying up late disrupts your sleep cycle, which can lead to issues with your sleep pattern and can also have a direct impact on your mental function throughout the day, making you feel lifeless or slow.

    If you’re struggling to get your sleep schedule back on track then consider downloading a sleep app that includes features such as mediation, background noise, or even bedtime stories to help put you in a tranquil mindset. A 24/7 tracking smartwatch can also be a great way to monitor your sleep patterns and help set sleep goals for yourself. Following a consistent bedtime can help you establish healthy sleep habits that will better your overall function and reduce stress. 

    5. Indulge in You Time

    When your life is non-stop you don’t have a lot of time to think about the importance of self-care or prioritizing your appearance. However, this is the perfect opportunity to take a step back and give yourself the much-needed pampering time. Men’s skincare is often overlooked, but creating a grooming routine that compliments your skin type will leave you looking younger and healthier. 

    Self-care doesn’t just stop at taking care of your physical appearance- you have to also take care of your mental state. Practicing social distancing from your friends and family can take on toll on anyone. So, keep yourself busy with hobbies that fulfill you mentally. If you love reading then consider purchasing a reading tablet for easy access to thousands of fun reads.

    Another worthwhile way to pass the time is to engage in lockpicking. This is no ordinary hobby for sure, as it requires your utmost concentration and ability to apply the correct pressure to open locks. It’s also one way to test the security of your home, like your door locks (just be careful not to damage the locks). You can start with an affordable set of lock picks partnered with practice locks. Watch videos, read blogs, and join communities related to the hobby. Take advantage of the internet’s resources. Spend time reconnecting with yourself to make the experience more enjoyable. 

    Utilizing the technology around you to maintain your overall well-being can be extremely helpful in normalizing this stressful time. Keeping up with your mental and physical health will make in-home quarantine much more bearable. 


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