Lockdown Boredom: 3 Ways to Kill the Time

    All our life, we’ve been thinking that we don’t have enough time to do things. We are in a fast-paced life and everything seems like a blur. But all of a sudden, times changed and now we have all the time in the world. A lot of us are staying home in an attempt to slow down the spreading coronavirus, and being stuck at home can lead to boredom.

    Overcoming boredom can be difficult, but there are many ways you can make a dull situation more entertaining. Lots of people don’t always make the best choices when bored. So now if you’re stuck at home, patiently practicing social distancing, here are some things to do to keep boredom away. 

    1. Do Some Exercising

    Now that we are spending the whole day indoors, and feeling stuck and can’t go outside due to social distancing, it’s easy to be bored and feel like you’re getting a little bit crazy.

    This is tough especially for people with anxiety or depression, which is why it’s important to do something positive and feel-good things to do. And doing workouts will be an easy way to pass some time during a long, dragging day. If you are a hardcore type, there are lots of online exercise videos that you can watch that you can do from your bedroom.

    Or if you’re a chill exerciser and don’t actually want to work out at all, you can just do a few minutes for a few different, repetitive exercises. The overall benefits of exercising are good for your body, good for your mental health, and good to pass time. 

    2. Picking Up a Hobby

    Have you always wished you could do crafting or wanted to build miniature cities? This is the perfect time to start a hobby. You can buy the supplies you need online, and watch online tutorials to learn a brand new skill.

    Aisha from 918kiss said that we should embrace that urge, if you have the energy you can try cooking, experiment, or download an app that will entertain you. Learning new things not only reduces boredom, but it also helps you acquire new skills and knowledge that you can use in the future. Experts say that embracing new experiences can help us lead not only a happy or meaningful life but a knowledgeable one. 

    3. Organizing the House 

    For some people, cleaning and organizing can be therapy and a way to clear their minds. If you are bored, force yourself to get up and get moving. Take advantage of having the time to organize your drawers and cupboards. You can even sort out your books, wardrobe, or even the attic or garage full of things you don’t use anymore. Always remember, the ultimate reward will be your fresh smelling, newly cleaned house.

    Boredom makes us come up with creative solutions, now this is our chance to do something with the time in our hands. And all we have to do is to decide on what to do with the time given to us. 


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