Athleisure: The Next Great Style Trend for Men

    Finding your signature style in the world of men’s fashion isn’t always easy to do. Most trendy items seem to be in the realm of dressed up business attire or sleek, going out clothes. But the world of men’s fashion is changing…for the better.

    If you’re looking to amplify your wardrobe, it turns out that you don’t even need to step foot into the business section. Athleisure is the latest and most comfortable trend in the men’s fashion world and there are tons of ways to incorporate originality into your look.

    Here’s how you can jump onto the athleisure trend just in time for fall.


    If you’ve been paying attention to fashion in the art and music scene at all in the last year, you’ve likely noticed that windbreakers are everywhere. Not only are they the ideal layer to sport in slightly chilled weather, but they’re also super comfortable. Everyone from Drake to Hailey Baldwin has been spotted in this variation of stylish outerwear.

    When shopping for a men’s windbreaker, think about where you’re going to wear it first. A collared windbreaker is a more sleek option for work or a night out, while a hooded one would be perfect for a sporting event or a more casual setting.

    Basketball Socks

    The athleisure trend doesn’t stop at the outerwear. To achieve a cohesive look, you have to consider all of the details otherwise your dressed-down athletic look could look more like you’re coming back from the gym rather than heading out on the town.

    Basketball socks are a great way to tie your look together or even add a little more personality to a monochromatic get up.

    Athletic Shorts

    From women’s cycling shorts to men’s athletic shorts, it’s safe to say comfort is taking precedence over formality this season. The best part is…no matter what your plans entail, your athleisure wear can transition from gym, to office, to a night out. Just be sure to keep your laundry routine tight if you’re planning on taking your Men’s workout shorts from the gym to the street.

    Simple Accessories

    When you’re going for an athletic-inspired look, you’ll want to stick with minimal accessories. A simple watch should suffice, or maybe even a casual hat.


    While we’d be happy to wear athletic shorts all summer long, the autumn season wouldn’t permit for such a fashion choice. As we move toward cooler temperatures, you can start to phase out your athletic shorts for men’s joggers. They’re a step-up from sweatpants, but just as comfortable.

    man with leather jacket and holding helmet

    Bomber Jackets

    If you’re looking for a more elevated style, a bomber jacket is a must-have in your athleisure collection. Bomber jackets can easily be paired with business casual attire and also complete a more laid back athletic look, meaning there’s absolutely no styling involved…so long as you choose a neutral tone.

    Basic Tees

    Ah, the basic tee. If you don’t have one yet—what are you doing? From undershirts to casual wear the basic tee is a mainstay in both men’s and women’s fashion. In fact, don’t go out and buy just one…you should have a variety to go with the different palettes within your wardrobe.

    Start off with these basic colors:

    • Black
    • White
    • Grey
    • Rust
    • Ivory

    When to Wear Athleisure

    Probably the best part about this trend is the fact that we’ve seen it go from street style to high fashion runways so seamlessly. What this means for those hopping on the athleisure bandwagon: you can, too. You can dress up your athletic look by opting for sleek, neutral tones such as black or eggplant.

    For a look you can wear to the office, opt for dark denim or khaki pants with a basic tee and a bomber jacket. And for a more casual option, you can choose athletic shorts or joggers with a shirt and a windbreaker. If you keep your colors neutral and add in just a few bright tones to spice things up, you’ll be able to mix and match pieces as easily as you can transition from the office to happy hour.


    Use these tips to start sporting athletic looks from summer to fall this year.


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