3 Steps to Designing a Unique T-shirt

    Wearing a t-shirt and jeans is one of the most common ensembles that people love to wear. This is because it is pretty simple and easy to pull off and is also quite comfortable.

    In order to add style and creativity to this kind of outfit, most people opt to choose printed t-shirts with cool designs, brand logos, or sayings. Some even like to wear their monogram or have their own t shirt printed. This helps to create a fun and stylish look which would not be the case if one was just wearing a plain t-shirt.

    The best part is that you can actually come up with your own t-shirt design which speaks a bit about your character and individuality. Below are some of the steps that you may follow while doing that.

    1. Coming up with shirt design inspiration

    Coming up with a unique tshirt design is actually developing some form of art. Naturally, like all art forms, be it literary, musical, drawings or paintings, t-shirt design requires inspiration and creativity. Many people may already know what exactly they would like but it is totally okay if you have not identified that yet since all you need is to do a little research and get inspiration.

    man with cool t-shirt design looking into sun

    This is pretty easy to find since all you need to do is check out a couple of social media pages that have fun and beautiful designs and check out some of the concepts that you would like. Check out your closet and the type of clothes that you have since these will also help you get an idea on your style and how you can relay it onto your t-shirt design.

    2. Identify your design

    Once you feel inspired and creative, it is time to draw up your design for your unique custom t-shirt. Do a small sketch of it first so as to get a clear picture of what it will look like on your garment.

    Your design can be minimalist and simple and still relay a powerful message. Or it may be a little bit more cryptic and mysterious. If you have the latter, remember not to add too much detail to your t-shirt since it will make your design look too busy and cluttered. This, in turn, may distract people from the message that you intended them to get and many may end up not liking the design at all.  

    Pay attention to the size of your t-shirt and the design so as to ensure that they are both proportional. Select colors that rhyme with your shirt as well.

    3. Do the actual t-shirt printing

    After you have come up with your fantastic design and are comfortable with everything, you may now proceed to do the actual printing. There are lots of methods which can use to do it yourself which are all available online.

    Trying this out by yourself may help you acquire a valuable skill which you can use to start a business out of.  It can also help you and your friends engage in a fun activity together. Alternatively, you may opt to have this done professionally by a company that focuses on this or by various vendors who also do t-shirt printing.


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