Streetwear Trend Predictions for SS19

    With the weather finally improving and catching up to the season, SS19 for men’s streetwear is becoming an interesting prospect. While we expect some of the latest trends to stick around. There are also new reinterpretations and new trends to experiment with. Resulting in fresh looks that are more suited to the season.

    Menswear buyers within the fashion industry pay close attention to customer behaviour and analysing trends. This is in order to decide on where customers’ tendencies will lie for the upcoming months.

    With that in mind, we take a look at some of the factors and trends that will play a part in SS19.

    Exciting new appointments

    Something worth noting within the fashion industry is the huge recruitment efforts that have come into place over the last few months. Hedi Slimane is now at Celine, driving a new collection for men. While Virgil Abloh to Louis Vuitton and Kim Jones to Dior Homme have set tongues wagging with excitement.

    Anytime new designers appear at brands means a shift in direction, with new concepts appearing and fresh ideas. This can set the tone for future collections and change the course of multiple trends.

    Familiar trends that will stick around

    As with every season, there are some trends that continue to be popular. And will stick around, immersing themselves amongst the new designs that emerge. In previous seasons, designers have hinted at the merge of sportswear with tailored looks. Which is something that is set to continue. This is something you might see even more of, as styles begin to blur boundaries. Technical fabrics are also set to continue.

    Proportion within menswear has been an interesting concept for a few seasons. And the oversized look will still be prominent into SS19, but with a smarted edge.

    trends in ss19

    Fuller jackets and oversized shirts in particular can provide a unique look that maintains its style while appearing to be more experimental.

    As always, the use of colour and bold graphic prints will continue, more so because it is summer, and clothing tends to be brighter and more vibrant through this time of year. This gives designers the chance to expand their colour palettes and take advantage of the favourable weather within their creations.

    New trends set to emerge

    It is likely that brands will start to focus even more on ethical and sustainable fashion, as it continues to be a huge issue not just in fashion but in all industries. Customers are becoming increasingly savvy, and where their clothes come from is becoming a huge factor in the purchasing decision process.

    Creations must be more resourceful than ever before in order to keep appealing to the modern customer.

    Footwear will see chunkier sneakers become a little more readily accepted, with colour-blocking, retro styles. Performance trainer lines, as well as performance-inspired styles, may take centre stage as the population continues to favour casual clothing.

    Seasonality, as an overall trend within the fashion industry, may also be set for a shake-up. Many customers are now quicker to demand styles and transitional pieces, just as much as they are for seasonal releases.

    Brands may well look towards a buy-now, wear-now approach that offers weather-appropriate clothing, as opposed to seasonal in order to appeal to buying behaviour.


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