5 Things Every Gentleman Needs to Know about Wine

    Drinking wine doesn’t just show the world you’re a person who knows a thing or two about alcohol, but also that you’re a classy and sophisticated man who knows how to act in public. Drinking wine isn’t as easy as it seems, though, and the point isn’t just picking a sort that’s tasty, but also knowing how to open it, pour it, taste it, and drink it, as well as combine it with certain foods that may enhance the flavor of your favorite wine. So, in order to enjoy this drink to the fullest, here are five things every gentleman needs to know about wine.

    Learn more about the body

    This is something you may see all over wine lists, but still don’t know what it means, even though it’s pretty simple. Words like “full,” “medium” and “light” are often thrown into the conversation when talking about wine, and this is the so-called “wine body” – it defines how much alcohol a particular wine has and how thick it is. It’s not just an individual feeling, but there’s a scientific approach to it as well, and the more you learn about the production of wine and different sorts, the easier it will be to tell the difference between brut and extra dry champagnes too.

    Learn how to open a bottle

    This is something lots of people think they know, but actually don’t, and the problem with wine bottles is that some of them just don’t want to open the way you want them to. This is a problem you have to deal with, and it can turn into an unpleasant situation, especially when you’re in company. So, learn how to open a bottle of wine using a corkscrew – insert it in the cork, start dislodging and then remove the cork – and if you manage to do this elegantly, your friends and family will think you’re the greatest wine expert in the world.

    Learn how to choose the right wine

    This is another problem most people are dealing with, but this issue isn’t as easy to deal with as the previous ones. Learning how to pick the right wine can take some time and experience, and you may be drinking wrong sorts for years and even decades until you discover wines that actually suit you. You should rely on sommeliers in your local restaurants, or you may also effortlessly buy red wine online and get the right bottle at the right price. Once you discover the sort you like, you can continue purchasing wine this way, and your home is always going to be stacked with this precious liquid.

    Learn more about the world

    Most people think that wine is made just in Europe, but the truth is that most countries and regions of the world have their own distinct sorts of wine. Learning to identify wines from around the world is one of the best ways to show off in front of company, so learn a few things about the types of grapes in certain parts of the globe, as well as a few regions that are among the most important ones when it comes to wine. After doing that, you should continue ordering only those wines you’re sure you and your friends are going to enjoy.

    Learn more about the right food

    Drinking wine and eating good food have always gone hand in hand, and it’s all about making the right combination at the right time. What you need to do is learn which wines should be paired with which food, and you’ll turn into the most beloved guest at any restaurant before you know it. For instance, white wines go well with fish, seafood chicken, salads and pasta, while red varieties prefer red meat, lamb and barbecued meat, as well as pizzas and pasta. So, if you want to take your wine tasting experience to another level, this is something you should definitely look into as soon as possible.

    Knowing your wines and pretending to do that are two very different things, and only true wine aficionados will be ready to invest their time and energy into learning more about their favorite drink, so start with these five things and improve your knowledge as you go.


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