An Easy Guide for the Best Motorcycling Counties in the UK

    When it comes to a scenic motorbike trip, you don’t get more scenic than the stunning counties of the UK. With its beautiful coastal roads, twisting moors and even breath-taking mountain roads, there really is something for every motorist out there. 

    This makes it no surprise then that in 2017, there were more than 1.3 million motorcycles on the UK roads, with people coming from all over the world for a motorcycle road trip in the UK. 

    Before you set off on your road trip, make sure that you have plenty of provisions and that your motorcycle is safe for long routes – particularly in remote areas like a National Park. You should also ensure that you have your insurance up-to-date. Any modifications after manufacture to your bike needs to be known to your insurance provider, otherwise in the event of an accident or theft you might not be fully covered. 

    Ready to plan your trip? Here are five of the best counties to consider for your next motorbike road trip:


    Often Lincolnshire gets forgotten when it comes to motorcycle road trips, as people believe this county to be too flat for an exciting trip. You’d be seriously missing out though! As Lincolnshire is one of the best places in the UK to find such lengths of unspoilt beauty. 

    We recommend starting in Spalding, travelling up Skegness, past Grimsby and crossing the Humber Bridge to East Yorkshire’s Hull. Of course, with such lovely views of East England’s Seaside, remember to take a stop to enjoy some tasty fish and chips. 


    If you’re looking for the best in views, a day spent in Devon’s Dartmoor National Park is a must. In fact, the views here are so wonderful, you might just feel like you’re on the set of a film. Especially if you visit the Victorian Pannier Market, where you can find both antiques and shops selling local cheeses and bread – ideal for lunch! 

    Keep in mind, many of the lanes on this drive can be confusing. So, it’s worth having a map or satnav to help ensure you don’t get lost. 


    No motorcyclist can visit Yorkshire without completing the famous Yorkshire Loop. This 98-mile route has some of the best scenery you can find in the UK. As you travel through the wonderful countryside of the Dales. 

    Starting in Ripon, you’ll travel through East Witton, Ribblesdale and then Threshfield, with generally very little traffic on the way. One of the best things about this route is that you can take as long as you like. There are plenty of stops along the way where you can take in the local attractions. And sample some of the local delicacies. 


    Mention Cumbria to a seasoned road tripper and you’ll instantly think of the wonderful Lake District with its beautiful landscapes, lakes and mountainous backdrops. Indeed, this English gem should be travelled over several days. Allowing you to drive the many routes and visit some of the scenic towns. 

    You can even book onto one of the self-guided motorcycle tours within the Lake District. These tours have 3-nights of hotel accommodation that even includes breakfast – so you can fuel up for your big trip!


    Like all the counties mentioned on this list, Wiltshire has some seriously beautiful scenery – in fact, it might just be the prettiest. Ideal for a weekend trip due to it being near to Bath and Swindon. There are plenty of local attractions, including Stonehenge. 

    Most importantly, Wiltshire really encourages the use of motorbikes throughout the county. It even has its own wheels to work scheme for those who live locally. 


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