Ash Coppard

    We caught up with Ash Coppard, the West Sussex barber who was inspired by his sibling to get into barbering and loves the social aspect of the industry.

    Tell us a little bit more about yourself and how you started in the barber industry?

    I had always been interested in cutting hair as I used to watch my mum cut my dad’s and brothers hair as a child and thought it was really cool. I mainly got into it when my twin brother became a barber. He showed me some things and then I became hooked and decided to go to barbering college. 

    What barbershop are you currently working at?

    I’m currently working in Esquires Barbers, Lancing. A town just outside of Brighton in West Sussex.

    esquires barbers shopfront

    What’s your favourite thing about working there?

    I love the hustle of it all, people coming in telling their stories, seeing old friends and I work with a good team, we all have our own styles and haircuts we like that are all different so it works well. I work with two females and another male so we get a right variety of banter going that helps the long and busy days go easier.

    What do you love most about being a barber?

    What I love most about being a barber is seeing the end result and the clients face of happiness. I love making people feel better, clients could come in feeling really low and by the time you have finished they love their hair and feel 100% and ready to face whatever is in front of them.

    It’s the little things that matter, like the social side of the older clientele that mainly like a good chat as they don’t get to go out much. All of those reasons is why choose to be a barber!

    Do you have a favourite cut?

    I like loads of different cuts and styles, I like to adapt different techniques and change things around. My favourite cuts at the moment would be anything with loads of texture or movement. Something I can use a lot of different methods and really be creative.

    ash coppard trimming a beard

    How do you think the barber industry is changing?

    The Barber industry is definitely changing, men are not afraid to go and have a face pack or a face steam or trying new products for example. We like to be pampered now and we’re loving it! It’s not just your short back and sides now it’s a way men can show their personality.

    Where do you see barbering in 5 years time? 

    I can see more colouring options being available in barber shops, bright and vibrant colours being used. Men having and a lot more creative and personalised haircuts.

    Got any tips for bearded men? 

    Don’t just let it grow out get it trimmed and tidied up whilst still growing it. Wash it and style it, Use products like oils or bead wax and take the time to style the way you want it. 

    What are some simple haircare rules that you think men and women should follow?

    Treat it like your favourite suit or outfit and look after it by keeping it clean and tidy! 

    Lastly, if you could cut the hair of one celebrity, who would it be and why?

    Jim Carrey, just because he would have really good banter!

    Check out some more of Ash and his work here…


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