How To Open A Barbershop During Covid-19 Pandemic

    In most countries, it is now possible to have your hair cut, and your beard trimmed, in fact, many barbershops are slowly reopening and welcoming their usual customers. However, some have taken the crazy bet on opening their dream barbershop during the pandemic. Starting a new business is no easy task, it takes determination and hard work and especially so during these uncertain times. We have taken a close look at what it takes to open a barbershop in the wake of a pandemic.

    The New Process

    An experienced barber Kieran Shaughnessy is one of those inspiring entrepreneurs who, despite the pandemic, has decided to go ahead and open a brand-new barbershop. 

    ChöpperHeads Barber Club is located in Leeds, England. Welcomed by a motorcycle out front and guitars on the walls, maintaining a strong traditional barbering vibe whilst blasting rock’n’roll on the radio. According to Kieran, the current climate “has been a massive advantage, people love the fact I’ve gone for it, the majority of my clients are also working from home so they are not bound by the time as they once were.” With only two weeks to get everything ready, the shop is now open with a variety of good quality grooming products and an outstanding service.

    The current situation has forced people to reconsider their lives with many realising that they are either not enjoying their current profession or have been made redundant and therefore “pivoting” by working for themselves and opening their own business. Kieran stated that one of the greatest things about having your own business is “not having to worry about your vision being watered down but also being free to put everything you’ve got into your shop”.

    Being Prepared

    Opening a barbershop during a pandemic is not as simple as it used to be. Having the proper and adequate PPE to ensure customers’ safety, booking extra time, to buy USDT on paybis and making sure everything is clean and sanitised has now become the new norm for every hair salon and barbershop. 

    Keeping your customers in the loop has also been vital for most hair salons and barbershops but it’s especially important when opening a new business. Instagram, being one of the most popular social media platforms, is a key tool to reach out to new customers and to exhibit your work and skills. Kieran writes that “during this time [he] kept [his] Instagram feed busy to engage [his] clients and keep the interest high.”

    In fact, having a good social media presence and a strong brand identity should be one of your top priorities when opening a new business. It’s definitely not a temporary trend and should be an essential piece of your marketing’s strategy with 63% of customers expecting companies to offer customer service through social channels. 

    All in all, opening a new business in the current climate can be scary but many have taken the leap and are currently thriving despite it all. Yes, it will be scary, and you may end up spending much more money than you initially budgeted but the rewards are definitely worth the risk.


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