How to Make Your Barbershop Stand Out From Your Competitors

    Want your barbershop to stand out from your competitors this year? As an industry that just keeps on growing, it is a good idea to start creating a name for yourself in the world of barbering.

    Whether you are looking to get your startup off with a buzz, or wish to add some new style to your current business, there are lots of ways that you can stand head and shoulders above the rest.

    Consider What Other Barbers Are Doing

    Keeping an eye on your competition is a critical part of running any enterprise. This does not mean copying their business, but you should keep in mind some of their techniques and approaches to up your own game.

    Make Certain Your Barber Furniture Is Up To Date

    Nobody would like to get their hair trimmed in a shabby environment. Ensuring that your barber furniture is more comfortable and up so far is among the simplest yet most effective methods for enhancing your store.

    barber workstation

    Your barber chairs need to be comfy for your clients to be able to relax in, and simple enough to maneuver for your staff to do their best work. Like it or not, many people will see if your furniture is worn and obsolete, and there’s little else that may help you stand out. 

    Look for a Theme To Make You Stand Out

    The picture is important when it comes to creating a barber shop that actually stands out. In a world of Instagrammable moments, making a visually pleasing experience is growing increasingly. Particularly in a business that’s based on appearances!

    When it comes to finding a theme to help your barbershop stand out the possibilities are endless. There have been western theme barber shops, barber shops with beers, and even barber shops with deli sandwiches being served. Whatever theme you decide make sure it stands out and offers value to your customers.

    Improve Productivity 

    If you could increase the productivity of your employees, surely you would have an edge against your competitors. Luckily, there is a way for you to increase the productivity of your workers. That is by introducing a coffee bar in your barbershop.

    According to Corporate Coffee Systems, adding a coffee bar to your barbershop can help increase the productivity of your staff. The caffeine in coffee will help your stylists get through the long days. It may even improve their mood which can help improve the customer’s experience.

    Also, adding a coffee bar in your salon can help make your customers feel appreciated and more at home. This is a great way for you to enhance the productivity of your workers and the experience of your customers.

    Maintain A Strong Social Media Presence

    The power of social media is just continuing to grow. Should you want your barbershop to stand out. Being on the frontline of channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter may definitely help. Things like your clients checking in’ at your shop will help spread the word about your salon among groups of friends.

    Ensure you keep your interpersonal media upgraded frequently and Based on what is happening within your store. Make sure all of your opening times and costs are available. Keep an eye out for messages from customers and be sure to reply quickly and invisibly. A good deal of possible customers will use social networking to locate information, and therefore don’t overlook.

    Be Essential For Your Own Shop

    Sometimes it helps to take a step back and watch your shop from a new perspective. Imagine you are a customer and walk around your barber shop. Ask yourself what will make you need to come back and what would not. Attempt to be crucial and keep an open mind — this may help you think of new techniques that will cause you to stand out from any rivals.

    Keep Your Staff Happy

    Giving a first-class customer experience is a sure-fire approach to get folks talking about how great your own barbershop is. Remember, it is your staffs who are the ones delivering this service to your customers on a daily basis, therefore it is essential that they are correctly educated and happy with their jobs.

    Give Clients Barbershop Swag

    Offering your best customers physical keepsakes will allow your customers to remember your barbershop and the experience they had. Keep in mind; you will need to offer swag clients will actually like. Clients will take a mediocre piece of marketing collateral with a grin — then toss it in the garbage as soon as they’re housed.

    Creative Business Cards and Stickers

    Handing a cookie-cutter business card will end up buried In a potential client’s wallet. Take the time to craft a more memorable business card which makes potential customers think of you the next time they need a haircut. You should also consider investing in stickers to get your brand name out there.


    Did you know that 90% of customers read online reviews before visiting a business enterprise?

    Encourage your clients to make positive online reviews Either on Facebook, Yelp or Google. There’s no need to offer them incentives for writing a review based on their experience, just mention that you would enjoy their opinion. Make sure you let your customer know you would really appreciate a review and if your service was exceptional, the customer will be very excited to leave a glowing review!

    If you are looking for ways to make your barbershop stand out from the competition to remember that there are many ways you can achieve this. Make sure you do your research and implement a plan to help you get the best results and get those customers lining up at your door.

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