Barbershop Tips & Tricks: How To Grow Your Business

    If you don’t know how to grow your barber business, then be sure to read our article. We are going to show you the basic tips for barbers and how to promote your barbershop.

    Barbershop refers to the type of establishment where a man can relax and get fixed up. Modern barbershops owners position their business as a men’s club where gentlemen can come and discuss the latest sports news, cars, and political views without the presence of women. A haircut in such places is comparable only to a ritual: spectacular, delightful, stylish.

    A well-designed barbershop is created in the context of bygone eras. In the men’s club, everything is restrained, with no unnecessary fuss. A master who deals with beard or hair is always ready to support a conversation.

    In any modern barbershop, customers are provided with various services. Here you will be offered Hollywood or classic hairstyles in the spirit of the fashion trends of traditional barbershops, as well as hard liquors of any kind. The high-quality gloss brochures and foreign magazines complement the atmosphere in the spirit of the old traditions.

    Barber business during Covid-19, like any other business, is experiencing difficulties. Here are some basic tips for barbers about how to grow your business in these challenging times.


    As a rule, the color scheme in the interior is mainly represented by dark tones with a neutral direction. The classical style furniture made of dark wood is complemented with antique accessories. Upholstered furniture is mainly leather with brutal elements. There is often a TV and free Wi-Fi zone.

    The most crucial element of any barbershop is barber chairs. They should be comfortable for clients with any type of shape, facilitate relaxation, but, at the same time, don’t stop the barbers from performing their work with high quality.


    The next point on our tips for barbers list is a logo. It’s one more significant element of the company’s image. With the help of the logo, you can actively attract new clients, thereby increasing the profit of the barber business.

    The logo of a barbershop should be not only informative but attractive to the target audience as well. A well-designed logo can become your business card.

    Dark tones are usually used (black, gray, brown) for the barbershop sign. But sometimes, white, blue, or red details complement the emblem design perfectly.

    It’s better to choose the barbershop logo icon in the form of bearded men‘s portraits, as well as in the form of straight razors, scissors, combs. These elements directly indicate the area of the company’s work.

    Barbershop Grow Business


    The location of your barbershop plays an important role as well. After all, the barber business is focused on a strictly limited client range. Your target audience is premium clients. So such barber business won’t work in bedroom suburbs. It’s preferable to open the barbershop in the city center, where there are numerous shopping centers, boutiques and a constant flow of people.

    In order not to wonder how to grow your barber business in the future, pay special attention to the choice of location in the present.

    Your business blog

    Today it’s impossible to imagine a company without a business blog or Instagram blog. And barbershops are no exception. To significantly grow your barber business, take care of this point in advance.

    Lots of barbershops are promoting exclusively on social networks. But it’s better to create your company’s website as well. As a rule, the content of such Instagram blogs is based on a demonstration of barbers’ work, the process and the result, the staff, and models, the atmosphere of the barbershop, and the cosmetics.

    You must post not only photos but video content in your business blog. Both should be in sufficient quantity and of high quality. Therefore, be ready to purchase a good camera, video editing software, a video volume booster and a text to speech narrator, if you are not confident enough on your voice over skills. Active barbershops post 2-3 publications and at least 10 videos in Stories on their Instagram blog daily. Therefore, you need to shoot about 300 Stories and publish 90 posts in your business blog monthly.

    Online booking system

    In addition to having a business blog and knowing various tips for blogging, an online booking system will help you grow your barber business. Your clients’ comfort is at the heart of everything.

    For your barbershop, it’s essential to have this online booking system so that customers can book the best time for themselves without calling by phone. It’s especially true for a chain of barbershops under one brand. You can implement the choice of a specific barbershop with an online appointment to a particular barber. So be sure to implement this tip for barbers if you haven’t already.

    Barbershop Grow Business

    Collecting and analyzing customer feedback

    In order to understand how to grow your barber business, you need to know your clients, their needs and listen to the Voice of the Customer (VoC). To do this, constantly read reviews on your services, conduct surveys and research to become the best in your niche.

    Remember that there is a lot of competition in the barber business. New barbershops open every day, and if you don’t listen and analyze the clients, they will simply choose another place.

    Using various analytical tools

    If we approach the question of ‘how to grow your barber business’ from the technical side, then all kinds of metrics and analytical tools for your website and business blog will come in handy. We need them in order to spend less, earn more and automate everything that is possible.

    Such tools are used to collect data, for instance, Google Analytics, Clicky, Adobe Analytics, SimilarWeb, and others. If you are interested, check out analytical systems ratings on the web. Countless articles have been written on this topic, and the same number of videos have been shot.


    Usually, it’s enough to use online advertising to grow your barber business and promote the barbershop. Moreover, the most common ways for barber business promotion are creating your own website/blog (already mentioned above), discounts, giveaways, affiliate programs, and bonuses for regular clients, certificates for free services, advertising on specialized sites.

    Additional opportunities are provided by cooperation with famous people (influencers), Instagram bloggers, video bloggers, or others. The main thing is the compliance of your barbershop style with the chosen person. Naturally, such cooperation will entail high costs. But the benefits are more impressive.

    And in conclusion 

    No tips for barbers, business blogs, Instagram blogs, online booking systems, interior design, web design, and so on will help you grow your barber business if you provide low-quality service. If unskilled barbers work for you and clients are dissatisfied, don’t even count on increased profits.

    At the heart of barbershops isn’t even an opportunity to get fixed up, but the opportunity to relax as much as possible, to be with like-minded people, and to spend time with pleasure. Give your clients this opportunity, and you will see how quickly your barber business grows. Good luck!


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