5 Unforgettable Worldwide Locations for Motorcycling

    Every year, we want more and more from our travels – more immersive experiences, more beautiful sights, more hidden treasures. Oftentimes, it is said that the most authentic way of exploring a region and getting to know its landscapes and people is by going on a road trip and taking everything in at your own pace. But there is one thing that gives you even more freedom when it comes to such adventures, and that is a motorcycle.

    Avid bikers would almost certainly opt for this mode of transportation for their travels whenever they have the chance – the unlimited flexibility and mobility combined with your passion of motorcycles is a perfect recipe for an unforgettable adventure in faraway places.

    So, if you are thinking about exploring a new location you haven’t been to before from the seat of your motorcycle, here are the top five locations that make a perfect destination for you.

    Amalfi Coast, Italy

    Chances are you’ve already seen some breathtaking photos of the picturesque Amalfi Coast in Italy. Dramatic cliffs populated by steep streets and beautiful architecture – there are certainly few places on Earth that look so much like something from a postcard. While it is a popular holiday destination, fortunately for you, it is also a perfect spot to explore on a motorcycle, as the coastal road that leads from Sorrento to Amalfi is very well-worth taking.

    While it is not a long distance – it won’t take you more than one and a half hour to get from one place to the other, the views along the way and especially at the destination will have you marvel at the sea for hours on end. Another great thing about this destination is that you get to explore as many small idyllic Italian towns in the vicinity as you want, and you can even check out Naples as it is close by.

    Great Ocean Road, Australia

    On the other side of the planet, you have one of the best routes in the world for an unforgettable road trip, and that is the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. This 243-km road that takes you from Torquay to the iconic 12 Apostles landmark is a little bigger undertaking than our previous suggestion, but it’s still doable in a day. Still, that does not mean that you don’t have to prepare well – your motorcycle is your best friend.

    So, you need to check your tyres, oil and  if your battery needs replacement, it’s best you get that done by turning to Batteries On The Go before you set off. In any case, it is recommended that you split the distance in two to really have enough time to savor the views along the way and feel the freedom that comes with this type of travel, and once you arrive at the breathtaking stretch where the 12 Apostles are located, the scenery will take your breath away.

    Trollstigen, Norway

    Another European gem for those looking for something unique, the landscapes in Norway will be unlike any other you’ve seen in other places. The serpentine mountain roads are not for the faint of heart, but that’s what makes it exciting; and while the stretch of road is not particularly long, you will feel compelled to complete it several times.

    Once you get bored, even though that’s hard to imagine, you can leave your motorbike for a while and take a hike or two since the landscapes here are something else. For instance, the Troll Wall not far away is a great hiking spot with impressive mountain views.

    Ceuta to Marrakesh Loop, Morocco

    If you are longing for the exotic scents of a North African destination, a country that should be on your mind is Morocco. It’s been an up-and-coming holiday destination for the past few years, however, there are good reasons why it’s even more worth exploring it from the seat of your motorbike.

    It’s really one of those countries that have countless hidden, unexplored treasures, and the only way to find them is by going out and looking for them. The road from Ceuta (which is technically still in Spain) to Marrakesh is certainly a bigger undertaking – over 2,500 km of varied landscapes, but if you take it easy, you’ll be able to savor every moment.

    Mae Hong Son Loop, Thailand

    Finally, a Southeast Asian country that is perfect for motorcycle tours not only because of its obvious love for these vehicles but also because of its unmatched sceneries is Thailand. When talking about Thailand, most people immediately think of exotic island resorts and the like, however, the northern part of the country has a lot to offer as well.

    man with bike standing in front of monument

    For instance, the Mae Hong Son Loop with its 670 kilometers is a perfect choice for beginners as well, given that the roads are in mint condition so you will be able to enjoy the ride without worrying. The lush green landscapes and friendly small villages will make your trip colorful.

    Every country is beautiful in its own way, therefore, no matter where you go, as long as you prepare properly for this adventure and are open for new experiences, you are certain to have a great time.

    Hopefully, these suggestions gave you some ideas of what you can expect in some of the best locations that are best explored by motorcycle and you are already preparing for your next adventure!


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