The 4 Best Ways To Make Extra Money As A Welder

    Inflation these days is through the roof. Suddenly, everything costs so much more and it is harder to stretch your dollar. This means that a lot of people are having difficulty making their money last until the end of the month. Or, there are those who want to make sure that they can still put enough money away for retirement or investing and need to find a way to be able to continue to do so. 

    This means that it is time to look into ways to make extra money. Luckily, welders are at a distinct advantage to be able to make a lot of extra money because this is a skill that not everybody has. Take advantage of these skills to make extra money and you’ll never have to worry about inflation or retirement funds being low again. 

    1. Give classes

    Anytime you have a skill, there are going to be people that want to learn from you. Welding is an excellent skill to have as there aren’t that many people doing it that are giving classes to be able to teach others. From flux welding to more advantage techniques, you can take advantage of this and make money by teaching in a number of ways.

    The most obvious place to start is to offer classes at your local continuing education center for adults that are looking to learn a new skill. You will likely be giving classes for a couple of hours once or twice a week. If your work schedule allows for evenings off then this will work out.

    You can also offer virtual classes and make money online. This will allow you to earn a passive income as people can sign up at their own pace. Set up a website and then put up a section for video classes. People can either sign up for a course or for a monthly membership which can bring you an unlimited amount of money. 

    The key is to direct people from social media or a Youtube channel over to a landing page where people can sign up for the classes. 

    2. Start a blog

    Welders are always trying to find the best way to do things and often need some insight when it comes to new products and techniques. A blog is a great way to reach those people and use your expertise to make money.

    The way it makes money is that you will be writing content that will bring in traffic for keywords that people are using. For example, if you see a popular keyword for search is “safety products for welding”, you would write an article around that topic. Within that article, you will direct people to the products they should buy. If you are part of an affiliate program for those products, on Amazon for instance, then you will get a special tracking code. This pays you a small percentage as a commission. 

    You can also make money through banner ads and even sponsorships when you have enough traffic. Many companies will pay you to write a post or review about their product. 

    3. Sell art

    Making metal sculptures is a great way to use your creative muscles and hone your welding skills at the same time. As a bonus, there are a lot of people who love to decorate their yards and homes with these sculptures and will pay quite a bit for them. 

    Platforms like Etsy are great for craftsmen like yourself to sell those creations. There are millions of people shopping for handmade goods there every day. With a good social media presence, you can either direct people to your Etsy store, or even to a signup page to sell to them directly. 

    4. Odd jobs

    A great way to make extra money when you feel like it and at your own pace is to be available for odd jobs. You will easily find enough work to keep you busy for as long as you like. Yet, you can easily say no to jobs that don’t interest you or when you just want a break. 

    This way, if you find yourself needing some extra money you can put the word out that you’re looking for work. A sign put up at the end of your driveway is a good way to get your neighbors’ attention for example. Or, you can let people know on social media or neighborhood apps around your area.


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