How to Earn Money Online Doing What You Love

    If you are talented or skillful at something, you probably want to show it to the world. 

    We’ve all dreamed of making money while doing things we love but it’s easier to get an office 9 to 5 job. Sometimes you could use extra money besides your salary. If you dedicate your time and effort enough, you can even have your hobby become the main source of income. If you don’t have plans after 5 and on weekends, here are some ways you can earn money online doing what you love. 

    Sharing Your Work

    For writers, the best way to get your writing out to the world is via blogging. You can customize your page and write about whatever you want – though it’s better to find a niche. You can use a drag and drop website builder or you could choose WordPress as your platform. You can also learn from observing the design patterns of the best web design
    agencies websites.

    You can also earn money in a different way through freelance writing where you find writing gigs and earn money when you finish them. There are different platforms like Upwork, FlexJobs, and BloggingPro, among others. 

    As a musician, you have many options like creating your own website, posting on streaming websites like Youtube, Soundcloud, or streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. For some streaming services, like Spotify, you have to have an aggregator for monetizing your music skills, which is a bridge between you and the streaming company that helps you distribute your music. There are different digital music aggregators like CD Baby, ReverbNation, TuneCore, and DistroKid. 

    Artists have a wider range of options and it’s easier to get your art out there. You can make a website, share on art platforms like Behance, or simply post your art on Social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter.

    If you’re passionately knowledgeable about a subject or a skill, you can teach online courses for a fee. You have platforms like Udemy, Teachable or Skillshare, and others. You have the option to upload your videos teaching or to give one-on-one or group live classes. 

    If you don’t have the skills, it would be best to go for an online course since it’ll provide you with convenience. For example, a certificate 3 teacher aide may be ideal if you love working with children. A career as an online teaching assistant can provide a rewarding and flexible way to support students and educators remotely.

    Promoting and Monetizing Your Work

    Sharing your work with the world is one step into making money online. In most cases, people have to see it or pay for it for you to actually make money. Here are different methods to promote and monetize your work. 


    Getting Google ads on your website is very simple, you just sign up and add a code to the website. Google will do the rest of the work, you just have to have traffic on your website, video or blog to get paid. Know more about the best method of advertising that businesses found to be efficient.

    Social Media

    Promoting your work on social media will take traffic to the next level if done right. Everyone is on social media nowadays, you can easily find someone who might relate to your work and like it. You can share a link to your work on social media and market it in a way that gives people a reason to click on the link. You have to stay active to keep people interested in your work.

    Affiliate Marketing and Sponsorship

    Affiliate marketing means you promote a product and if people buy this product through the link you provide, you get paid a commission. It’s a better idea to promote a product close to your blog/website’s concept. If you have a decent number of followers, affiliate marketing will get you some extra money.

    Sponsorship is similar to affiliate marketing in that you promote a product but sponsoring clients will pay you as soon as you include their product in your video or blog, as opposed to some affiliate marketing strategies where payment depends on the number of clicks or purchases of the product. 

    Fan Funding and Crowdfunding

    Sometimes focusing on aspects like advertising and using social media is enough to increase the number of fans you have, but not enough to pay for a living. That’s why today there are new methods like getting funded by your fans. The most famous site for this is Patreon where fans pay once or a monthly subscription and in turn, they get access to exclusive content. You can also start a crowdfunding campaign on websites like Kickstarter or Gofundme for fans to raise money for a project you’re working on. 

    There are plenty of options available that you can use to help you earn a decent amount of money from doing what you love and are good at. The internet has become a good source of income recently and it gives you many many options. It requires a lot of patience and hard work but it pays off, literally. After some time, you can even quit your job and become a full-time writer, musician, artist, or Youtuber. 

    To earn money online, first, you need to have a computer and internet connection at home. Invest in a computer with decent specs that can perform many tasks so you can try different ways to make money online. You don’t need to buy a brand-new unit. If your budget is tight, get for a refurbished desktop or laptop from a trusted seller or supplier. 

    Make sure to read reviews and do your research about the supplier to avoid getting scammed. Also, ask about the supplier’s warranty and return policies, and note their customer-service contact numbers and email address. Once you’re all set up, you can start doing what you love and make money online.


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