Before Setting Your Foot on Vacation, Here is How to Prep Your House

    Preparing to step out of your home can be complicated. There are so many things to take care of and needs an organization that you can easily miss out on so many things such as prepping your house before traveling so that when you come back, you don’t end up with loads of things to deal with.

    Here are some terrific tips for your home to make your vacation comfortable.

    Clean the house

    One thing you don’t want is going home after a vacation in a dirty house. You don’t need to deep clean everything before leaving for vacation; however, keep everything organized and clean so that after a relaxing holiday, you don’t end up with dirty stuff to deal with. This can rip your relaxation off. 

    Not just for sanity, keeping your house clean also helps prevent things such as food from rotting. So before heading out, make sure you scrub your toilet and sinks, vacuum and toss and clear out any dairy or fruit products sitting in your kitchen. 

    Clean out the refrigerator

    During the cleaning process, have a look at your refrigerator as well. Deep freeze anything which you feel can get spoiled while you are away. Food sitting in your refrigerator can stink and rot, especially if you are going out for long. 

    Empty the trash 

    Emptying the trash is also a part of the cleaning process. Make sure to keep your trash out before leaving, as it can leave your house with stink and unpleasant pests galore in your home. So, do not forget to empty your trash while going on a vacation. 

    Check laundry

    You must be busy packing your stuff and keeping things organized simultaneously. You can easily miss out on the most obvious thing, your laundry. For instance, among all these hassles, you might forget to put your clothes in the dryer. You don’t want to end up with stinking clothes after you return. 

    So before you set off on vacation, check the washer and dryer so that you don’t come home to the laundry sitting in the machine, sour and stinky. 

    Vacation Prep House

    Make sure to check out for fire hazards

    Before going on a vacation, make sure you have unplugged all the electronic devices around the house. You won’t need power while you are gone; switching off the appliance can save you energy and lower the risk of an electric fire. 

    Check thermostat

    Another thing to keep in mind is programming your thermostat will also help in saving energy. Many San Diego apartments are equipped with the latest thermostats that automatically adjust their control feature when you are not in the house. 

    The latest thermostat feature can turn out temperature when you are out; it will raise the temperature when it’s cold and lower it down when it’s hot. It keeps you comfortable. Even if you don’t have a modern thermostat, you should simply disable it and turn it out once you are back. 

    Ask your neighbor or friend to check

    If you are going on a long vacation, it is advisable to ask your friend and neighbor to check your house now and then. They can gather your mail, water plants and check for something odd.

    Lock all windows and doors

    Before leaving for vacation, check all the windows and doors around the house to ensure they aren’t unlocked or cracked from somewhere. Do not forget to check those windows or doors that are rarely used as they usually get ignored and can be the first place a thief might enter from.


    Aside from checking and rechecking your luggage and tickets for your vacation, do not forget to manage your house and clean things before leaving. This will keep your relaxation mode on.


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