Practical Tips Men Need to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring

     What is an engagement without an engagement ring? Nowadays, the custom of wearing an engagement ring as a symbol of a new chapter in a couples’ lives is hardly new. An interesting fact is that it is thought that the Ancient Egyptians established this worldwide tradition. 

    Over the centuries, diamonds became the standard for asking a woman’s hand in marriage. Who could forget the iconic line “diamonds are forever” by Frances Gerety? However, as the traditions are challenged, new engagement ring norms are evolving. Today there is no one-size-fits-all guide for men struggling to pick the perfect engagement ring for their partner.

    In this article, we’ll be discovering the most practical tips men should know before heading out to a jeweler.  

    Test your luck online

    If you’re in Chicago, you are likely looking to purchase a ring in a Chicago based Jewelry store. However, you could also look at other options to get your favourite Moissanite ring or diamond ring. If you have a limited budget for a fancy ring, you can exercise your options by searching on marketplaces online. Just make sure that you exercise responsible and safe online shopping.

    Don’t spend three months-worth of salary for one

    Engagement rings don’t have to be expensive. What matters is the commitment that they represent: it is not a who-gets-the-more-expensive-gem contest. For women that value the relationship more than the price tag of gifts you provide them, this tip is an understatement. If your financial situation cannot be stretched to purchase an engagement ring with a large diamond, we’re pretty sure that your soon-to-be fiancé will understand when you show up with a more practical option.

    Ring communication sums up the language of relationship

    When a relationship hits a long-term milestone, talks of engagement inevitably pop up. Men may not know that communication about an engagement ring is symbolic of the communication style of the relationship. He may interpret her “I don’t need an engagement ring” statement as “she wants a ring but don’t want to impose it,” which may not be the case. In this matter, it is crucial that communication is clear and that both partners’ needs are considered.

    Thoughtfulness counts

    Some women put much significance into the things you give them because their love language is gifts. They see it as you being thoughtful. Like, how they love the dream-catcher you bought them because you know that they have nightmares. With that said, try to think about purchasing an engagement ring that says something about your relationship. For example, you can propose with a vintage ring that you and she found at a jeweler’s while you met during your lunch breaks.  

    It pays to have a family or friend help out

    If you’re stuck, can’t decide, or you don’t have any idea how to proceed with buying an engagement ring, phone in a friend (her best friend or her sibling) to help you find the perfect ring. This isn’t a romantic approach, but it’s a practical one. With their help, you minimize the risk of seeing her face in disappointment if the ring is not to her liking. More so, your purchase becomes worthy of the dollars you spend on it.

    Whether you propose with an engagement ring or not, whether it has a diamond or a pearl, or whether you designed it for her;  what matters most is your commitment to making the relationship work.


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