Do Bearded Men Make Better Lovers?

    If you are supporting the bearded community and are the proud owner of facial hair, you are one step ahead in the relationship department. It has been proven that a bearded man makes for a greater lovers, compared to someone who is clean-shaven.

    A recent study published by the Journal of Evolutionary Biology found that men with facial hair have a higher chance of being successful in a long-term relationship, compared against those who are clean-shaven.

    This particular study was led by Barnaby Dixson from the University of Queensland, Brisbane. Barnaby and his team surveyed 8,520 women, the results were surprising as all of them showed a preference for men with facial hair when asked to rate men (both with and without facial hair) on attractiveness and on a spectrum of “relationship longevity”.

    The key question here is, why are bearded men considered more attractive that clean-shaven men? According to the feedback from the study group, women prefer faces which are neither too feminine nor too masculine, the conception was that over masculine looking men were more interested in a fling as opposed to something long-term.

    A beard acts as the middle ground between the two, this heightened attraction is something that women prefer.

    man and woman kissing in car
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    Another study from a cosmetic firm claims that more than nine in ten women do not like men with beards (we aren’t making this up). Half of the women that they surveyed preferred their other halves clean-shaven, with 94 per cent saying they would avoid kissing a man with a full beard.

    Reporters from The Argus hit the streets of Brighton to test this theory, this town has been dubbed the beard capital of the UK by the British Beard Club. They only found women happy with their bearded husbands and boyfriends, this is the only kind of study that we believe it true.

    The cosmetics company My Aesthetics also ran some further surveys and found that big sideburns were a turn-off and that an unkept beard were the main reasons women preferred their men clean-shaven, be sure to check out our product reviews and barbershop visits for this.

    If you’re a single bearded man looking for a woman who appreciates your beards in all of it’s natural glory, be sure to sign up to the bearded dating site Bristlr. They promise to only have users with a serious love of the beard.


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