How To Choose The Right Golf Club For Beginners

    Golf is a fun sport enjoyed by people of all ages worldwide. To fully enjoy this sport, players require essential items, one of which is the golf club. For those who are just getting into the game, choosing the right club is crucial to your gameplay. However, as a beginner, picking the right club might be challenging at first. Here is an ultimate guide to perfecting your golf swing.

    With the right information at your fingertips, choosing the proper club will become easier. Thus, here are helpful tips on how to go about selecting the best golf club if you’re a beginner. After selecting the correct gear, getting some golfing tips will be your next step.

    1. Have A Trial

    Before you buy a club, it’s better to practice with others’ clubs first. Practicing before buying will help you determine the best golf clubs and other necessary accessories for your skill level. The right club for you will depend on various factors like your physical look, body fitness, and current mastery level.

    There are several ways of doing club trials. You can try out some golf clubs at the store you’re buying from, or some golfing programs allow beginners to test various brands in their course before purchasing. Practicing with friends and trying out the clubs they use will also help you learn from their wealth of knowledge. 

    Your golfing buddies could further advise you on some of the things to look out for when trying out different clubs; these characteristics include how a club feels within your grasp, its comfortability, and how well you can swing a club.

    2. Buy According To Your Budget

    As a beginner, one of the mistakes you don’t want to make is to spend exorbitantly on a golf club only to discover you can’t use it. It’s better to always go with a budget in mind when buying your first club. You’ll surely find a suitable club within your budget range.

    Another option is to buy a used one. A pre-owned club will definitely be cheaper than a brand new one. However, you need to check if its grip is still in good condition.

    3. Buy A Half Set Instead Of A Full Set

    One of the temptations you may face as a beginner is to buy a full set of golf clubs. While it may not be a bad idea to buy your own full set, it may not be the best idea at this stage. 

    Purchasing a half set will ensure you buy just what you need. In fact, there’s a set of golf clubs specifically designed for beginners. This set contains all the must-haves you’ll need to play your game successfully and effectively as a beginner. Some of the essential clubs include:

    • Driver: Among the set, this is the longest one. It’s also your main club when playing your tee shot. Due to its length, it’s the best club to get your ball into the farthest hole. 
    • Fairway Wood: As the name suggests, this one is used for the fairway. It aids in lifting your ball from the turf on the fairway. It also ensures you play with precision and accuracy while covering a reasonable distance.
    • Irons: Your irons could be mid or short iron as they serve different purposes. Your first set should have numbers 6, 7, 8, or 9. While a 6 or 7 mid-iron is usually best on the fairway for longer shots, short irons are best for shorter shots. The iron with the highest number will lift the ball easier into the air. So, for a beginner, it’s better to stick with the high numbers first. With time and consistency, you can add smaller numbers to your collection.

    4. The Club Length And Loft 

    It’s essential to check the length of a club as your height and the shaft’s length are relevant determiners of your final purchase. Your height and the shaft length dictate how far the ball is from your hands, influencing the swiftness of your swing. 

    More so, a beginner golfer should be focused on getting more accurate hits and swings. Thus, pay attention to your loft, which is the heart of the club. It affects the distance the ball covers and how high it flies.  

    5. The Clubhead

    As a beginner, you should look out for clubheads you can handle with confidence and will get your ball flying. The clubhead affects the speed of swinging, so it’s necessary to sense the kind of swinger you are when buying your first golf club. If you swing your ball fast, you’ll need a club with a heavier head to leverage better control. However, a low-speed swinger should consider a lightweight head instead.


    As a beginner, your goal should be to get better with practice. To enjoy your golf time, you need to have the proper golf clubs. Before settling on a particular club, however, heed the tips outlined here, as these could help you make the right choice. In no time, you’ll be swinging like a pro.


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