Golf Like A Pro – What Clubs Do The Pros Use?

    In the club-and-ball sport of golf, players will need to carry various golf clubs for different purposes. The idea is to get the ball across a series of holes with as few strokes as possible. Typically, by imitating the pros you will be put at an advantage against your competition. 

    With that said, here are the clubs that the pros generally use.

    What you need to know?

    Generally, a pro golfer’s equipment usually includes stiffer shafts, which they prefer due to their high swing speeds. Moreover, pro golfers are inclined to adjust the lofts, lines, and lengths of their clubs constantly, which can be done at an equipment van located on the grounds.

    The pros carry an average of 14 clubs in their bags as they cover more or less what an average golfer would need to use. However, they will often tweak their gear and adjust them to their needs. This will differ from one golf course to the other and usually depends on the conditions a golfer is faced with.

    For instance, if the greens where the hole and flagstick are located, are surrounded by thick rough, a pro golfer may look to put an extra wedge in their bags. Other times, they could swap a 2-iron with a 5-wood club, in order to deliver extra height. 


    When you are looking for a club that can serve multiple purposes, then a hybrid club is what you will need. Having a hybrid club will enable you to pack less for more and benefit from the combination it will provide. A hybrid is counted as one club and it comes in various forms. 

    For instance, long irons and fairway woods can be replaced with a hybrid, which will eliminate the need for extra clubs. However, with so many options on the market, choosing the right one can be difficult; some of the top rated hybrid options are found here, which will help narrow down your choices, but you will still need to match the club you choose with your playing style.

    This will allow you to add an extra club in your bag. Typically, pros use the extra room for packing different wedges. However, you can choose to add a putter for short-distance shots.

    Pro Clubs

    First, you will need to make sure you do not leave large gaps between your clubs. But at the same time, you do not want to carry two clubs that approximately hit the same distance. So, if you have a club that hits 200 yards, the next one should be close, but not too close and hits around 185-190 yards. That said, here is the standard pro golfer’s set.


    A pro golfer’s driver is usually a 44-47” shaft and the loft is somewhere between 8-10.5 degrees. Driver clubs are usually used for 4 and 5-par holes and they belong to the wood category. They are referred to as 1-wood and are used for getting the ball across long distances, though with little accuracy.


    The 3-wood is an indispensable club for any pro golfer. Ideally, a 13 or 14-degree loft will give a good performance. 


    A 5-wood is another club that is favored by professional golfers. They will usually be accompanied by a 2-iron. However, some golfers will prefer a 17-18 hybrid. It will depend on your preferences. 


    Typically, a pros’ irons will range from 4-9. Each will depend on how far away from the green you are. Sometimes, a 3-iron will also be included but it is important to know that they are harder to hit. For this reason, some golfers will substitute their 3-iron with a 21-22 hybrid.


    Wedges are important for every pro and non-pro golfer. They are used for the softer and shorter shots. You will need to include three types of wedges: 47-50 pitching wedge, 59-64 lob wedge, and a 53-56 sand wedge. The use of each type will depend on the circumstances. A sand wedge will help get you out from tough bunker shots, whereas a lob wedge provides a better lift. 


    A typical pro will have two types of putter, a 33-35 conventional putter, and a 39-43 belly putter. However, you could choose to replace the belly with a 48-52 long. Your putters are important for getting the ball into the hole, as they provide accuracy and low speed for your short distance shots. 

    All in all, packing like a pro will help you play more like a pro. This will help you achieve better shots with greater accuracy. However, it is important to match the type of club with the type of player you are. Furthermore, packing a few hybrids will save space in your bag for other types of clubs, if you need to pack more.


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