Tips for Scaling Your Grooming Business

    As we roll into September, the temperature will start to cool down and facial hair will begin trending as a fashion statement for men quickly. From cool, fall nights to the annual No Shave November, this is a great time to own a grooming business. However, with the looming COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have taken a hit across the country and world. Luckily though, there are ways to scale your grooming business and capitalize on the upcoming beard season. From advertising your business, to staying current on the times and even expanding your product lines, these are just a few of the ways you can scale and succeed.

    Advertise Your Business

    A key to succeeding in business is letting people know you exist. While it’s nice to think people will come flocking to your storefront, or instantly be enamored with your brand, it often takes quite a bit of time and leg work to get to that point. If you haven’t already, consider getting certified in Google Ads, or bringing on someone who specializes in social media marketing to help you stand out from competitors.

    Marketing your grooming business, while it does require ad spend upfront, has the potential for you to see a great return on your investment. Between listing toward the top of Google through their Ads platform, or reaching new customers through your social media channels, the buzz you create is a great way to introduce new people to your brand. If you’re looking to drum up extra exposure, consider running a giveaway through your social media pages or a promotional contest that gets people engaging with your brand and encourages them to share your post with other users. Not only will this excite your current followers, but it’s another way to branch into new communities of potential buyers. 

    Stay Current on the Times

    With today’s ever-changing world and consumer preferences, you may have buffed up your online store. With more consumers opting for contactless shopping and eCommerce options, having a well-organized online store is a must. With a digital storefront it is also wise to shift other operations online for your business. 

    Between the time you spend dedicated to researching competitors and how to improve your own business, wasting time on processes that could be done digitally are definite roadblocks to growth. For example, rather than spending time travelling to and from your bank, transitional to a small business digital bank that allows you to track all aspects of your finances from your phone. Another digital time-saving process may include going paperless, helping you organize your online orders and streamline your shipping process. 

    Expand Product Lines

    Just as advertising your business can spark a buzz, so can expanding product lines. As a smart business owner you are constantly keeping tabs on the latest trends in the grooming industry and how you can use those to capitalize on your own business. Take the time to consider which products or services are profitable for your business currently and which ones aren’t. If you’re able to, phase out certain products to make way for new lines of inventory.

    Not only will new product lines excite consumers, but they may also offer a profitable outlet to those that have not been performing well. Growing your product offering through new lines not only keeps your business from becoming stagnant, but it also keeps loyal customers coming back and new customers seeking out your new products.

    Just as is the case for when you started your business, scaling is a long process. Regardless of what steps you decide to act on, or those you come up with yourself, be sure they are attainable and sustainable. Take the time to do the necessary research and pick unique ways you can differentiate your business from others. 


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