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    Modern society is gradually going “online” in all spheres of life: we build our personal lives on dating sites, buy books, groceries, and clothes in online stores, and listen to concert broadcasts. It is not surprising that universal virtualization has also affected the education sector. On the Internet there are lots of specialized platforms with interactive courses on a variety of topics, thanks to which anyone who subscribes can master a new profession or simply replenish their knowledge of programming, biology, ancient philosophy, and modern architecture.

    We have selected for you the best online courses related to fashion. These courses will help you to know more about fashion, no matter your aim: work in fashion, better understand the latest trends, or simply write an essay about the fashion industry.

    1. Title: Fashion Launch: Define Your Products, Competition & Niche

    What the course is about: The course is intended for PR people, stylists, promoters, and business owners who need to analyze the market and understand how to present their brand in order to make it competitive. If you want to succeed in the fashion business but you cannot decide on the company’s strategy, identify your strengths and weaknesses, or clearly assess the current state of the chosen area, you need this course.

    Categories: Business; Management; Targeting; Strategic planning; PR

    Characteristics: The course consists of 7 lectures, each of which lasts an hour.

    Price: $54.99, and they offer discounts

    Strengths: As with other Udemy courses, once paid, you get lifetime access to all program materials.

    2. Title: Fashion and Glamour Photography

    What the course is about: Thousands of people try their hand daily in the field of fashion photography, but only a few are successful. This course from fashion photographer Michael Corsentino will teach you the basics of professional fashion photography, on location and in the studio, how to work with a model, and using post-processing for photos. 

    Categories: Arts; Photography

    Characteristics: The course consists of 29 lectures with a total duration of 12 hours.

    Price: $49.99, and they offer discounts

    Strengths: At the moment, about 2,000 people have attended the course and have given extremely positive assessments. During the course, students are provided with a free electronic edition for working with Photoshop CC.

    3. Title: Fashion Blogging: Starting a Fashion Blog

    What the course is about: The program, developed by professional fashion blogger Louise Croft, reveals to the participants the subtleties of fashion blogging not as a hobby but as a vocation that is quite realistic to monetize. In the lectures, attention is focused on such aspects of work as the blog budget, technical support, illustrations, photographs and other design elements, and the SEO and SMM of the blog.

    Categories: PR; Photography

    Characteristics: The course consist of 50 lectures.

    Price: $64.99, and they offer discounts

    Strengths: Advice and guidance from a successful practicing professional must be accessible and effective, and this course is a prime example.

    4. Title: Beginning Costume Design and Construction

    What the course is about: The online workshop was created for those who, in general terms, imagine how things are sewn and want to gain knowledge about the history of tailoring, the technological intricacies of production, the psychology of design, and the creation of integral images from different eras. Students will practice sketching, fashion analytics, and direct costume design.

    Categories: Arts; Costume creation; Technology

    Characteristics: Lectures are given twice a week, each lasting about 1.5 hours.

    Price: Free

    Strengths: It is one of the few liberal arts courses provided by MIT, one of the world’s best universities.

    5. Title: Modern Art & Ideas

    What the course is about: The course is designed to demonstrate the inevitability of the influence of the cultural sphere on all other spheres of society, to explain the transformations that have taken place in the art world over the past 100 years, and to push the amateur culturologist to deep research on fashionable topics of interest. The program is divided into four main blocks: Places and Spaces, Art and Identity, Transforming Everyday Objects, and Art and Society.

    Categories: Arts; History; Analytics; Technology; Sociology

    Characteristics: The course lasts 13 weeks.

    Price: Free

    Strengths: The course was prepared by MoMa, the New York Museum of Modern Art, one of the most respected cultural and educational centers of our time. As part of the course, students can virtually familiarize themselves with many of the museum’s expositions.

    6. Title: Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture

    What the course is about: The course describes in detail the changes taking place in the modern humanitarian and creative fields of public life, and it gives specific advice to people who want to realize themselves professionally in one of them. The course content is described as ideal for professionals, students, amateurs, and artists representing all kinds of cultural organizations, from museums and libraries to fashion houses and botanical gardens.

    Categories: Business and Management; Art

    Characteristics: Training lasts 8 weeks; mastering the material takes 6-8 hours a week.

    Price: Free

    Strengths: The course is taught by the Vanderbilt University faculty and national humanitarian strategists. At the end of the course, students can receive a Coursera certificate confirming completion of the course, indicating that the student has mastered the material. 

    When we want to gain some new knowledge, we often don’t know how to do it right. If you want to know more about fashion, today lady luck is smiling on you. We believe that these courses will help you to learn more about fashion. 


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