Fit as a Fiddle: 3 Ways to Stay in Shape

    Staying fit is so important to help us look great, feel great, and stay healthy. Regular exercise has a huge number of benefits for our physical, mental, and emotional health. There are so many different kinds of exercises and workouts that we can do to improve our fitness. Cardio, weight lifting, martial arts, yoga, team sports, and swimming, along with a healthy, balanced diet are all great ways to stay in shape. 

    In this article, we are going to look at 3 great ways to remain in shape and leave you fit as a fiddle in no time.


    Cycling is one of the most popular fitness hobbies in the world and there are hundreds of millions of people who cycle every day. Cycling is fantastic for working out all the muscles in your legs and arms which make you stronger, help you lose weight, and strengthen your whole body. Additionally, cycling is absolutely fantastic for improving your cardio, lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels, improving your circulation and respiratory systems, and reducing the risk of diabetes, strokes, and heart attacks. 

    As well as these amazing physical benefits, cycling has a huge number of mental and emotional benefits as well. Being out in the great outdoors cycling, can dramatically reduce stress and lift your mood. Cycling encourages the release of dopamine which is known as the feel-good chemical, whilst at the same time reduces the production of cortisone, the hormone that causes stress and anxiety. 

    Anybody can take up cycling and there is a huge range of different bikes available no matter what your level of experience, body type or what kind of cycling you want to do. The experts at explain that different bikes are specialized for various terrains so make sure that you do thorough research to find the perfect bike for your needs. The prices of bikes vary widely but if you are just looking to cycle casually to improve your fitness, you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money on a bike. Choose one that is light, nicely balanced, and that suits your body well.

    If you want to get serious and join competitions or cycling tours, consider using a cycling tool called a power meter for your training. A power meter accurately measures the power you use on the pedals. This data provides valuable insight on your performance and can be used to add structure and direction to your training.

    Martial Arts

    Martial arts have been a popular way to stay in shape for a long time now, but with the increasing global appeal of UFC, it has never been a better time to take up martial arts. These days, there are so many gyms and dojos out there where you can try a huge number of different martial arts, such as BJJ, Western Boxing, Thai Boxing, and many others. Whilst some people may be nervous about trying martial arts, modern instructors are well aware that not everybody wants to become a professional fighter. Nowadays, people of all ages and fitness levels are taking up martial arts to stay fit, learn a new skill, and have fun. You should have the right equipment for practicing martial arts like boxing, you can get your bands from Power Punch Pro.

    Martial arts are fantastic calisthenic and cardio workouts that can strengthen every muscle in your body, increase your flexibility, and improve your balance and mental focus. Different martial arts focus on different skills and exercises but all provide a full-body workout and help to reduce stress. In fact, martial arts has been proven to be one of the most effective non-medicinal methods for reducing stress and anxiety. It is perhaps not so surprising that spending an hour punching a bag can help us to get rid of some work or school-based frustration. If you’re looking for a proper target to land your punches and kicks check out Century Bob review to find the best gear.


    Yoga has so many benefits that have been widely known for years and its incredible growth in popularity over the last few decades is a testament to those benefits. Practicing yoga a few times a week has massive positive effects on strength, flexibility, bone and joint strength, and muscle recovery. Yoga has been proven to improve circulation and pulmonary and cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels, encourage weight loss, and significantly improve mental and emotional health. 

    The meditative aspects of yoga bring a level of peace and tranquility into the lives of regular practitioners. With thousands of yoga studios in every country in the world and so many YouTube tutorials available for home practice, it has never been easier to get into yoga.

    These days, there are so many different ways to stay fit and healthy which means you no longer have to spend an hour after a boring hour in the gym. The best way to get in shape and stay in shape is to keep the body guessing with varied workouts. The three activities laid out in this article are fantastic for helping you to improve your fitness, promoting a healthy body and mind, and are also a lot of fun! 

    Editors note: none of these matter if you aren’t getting a good nights sleep. You’ll lack the energy and motivation to truly stay healthy. The first stage in getting quality sleep is choosing the right mattress. Make sure to get one that is perfect for you!


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