Traveling With Knives: What You Need to Know

    Carrying a knife is hard to do while crossing state borders because local and state laws vary across jurisdictions. For this reason, it is better to ship them instead of carrying one along with you.

    Even when you are shipping your knives, be careful while in a federal facility. There is always a chance that you did not do your research right. If that is the case, and you find yourself in a confrontation with the authority, be respectful and cooperative.

    So it is best to do as much research as possible about the knife laws when on the move. They are often complex and overlapping, but the Federal Interstate Transport Act hopes to make that more convenient. 

    Regardless of the intertwining laws, knives are beautiful, and there is no reason to refrain from buying them. Online Knife Show is the right place to get the perfect knives for your collection.

    AKTI and Preemption Laws

    There are a lot of knife-carrying regulations that need your attention as you venture out from your home. For instance, if you go on a trip from Boston to Rhode Island, there are six sets of knife-related laws. Therefore, you need to look into all the ordinances and rules.

    In a federal facility like a post office, military base, or a federal court, you are under federal jurisdiction. In such places, carrying a knife can be a punishable offense. However, if it is your first time offending, then you may get a sentence reduction.

    AKTI helps the knife carrier to keep out of trouble by establishing preemption laws. Meaning, the state law will overrule local ordinances. Thus, you can carry a knife in all parts of the state regardless of city or town ordinances.

    Knife Regulations

    Although many legal authorities often come into conflict, there are five main types of restrictions. Here are the basics that you need to know about knife carrying:

    The Deployment of Knives

    There are places where the deployment of a knife falls under legal concern. For instance, in many areas, balisongs and automatic knives are under restriction, whereas other folders are not.

    The Length of the Blade

    There are a lot of areas where you can carry a small knife. However, when it comes to larger knives, the authority will not be lenient.

    Locking Knives

    A locking knife is one that has a locking mechanism that keeps the blade in place. There is a restriction on such knives in many areas.

    Concealing Knives While On The Move

    Depending on the state, you might get into trouble if you conceal a knife while traveling. Look into the laws regarding concealing a knife before you think of doing it.

    Restriction of Knives With Particular Names

    In some states, some knives are okay to carry while others are not. It depends on the name of the blade. For instance, daggers, dirk knives, and push knives may not be legal to carry.

    Carrying  Knives While On An Airplane

    When it comes to knives, the federal government and airlines have very strict and rigorous laws against them. They have policies that you have to abide, or else you may face punishment. To get aboard the plane, first, you have to get through the security checkpoints. To pass through, you have to consent to a search of your person.

    Furthermore, you are also consenting to the search of your luggage and bags. So if you have a knife in your pockets, the airline security will find it. You cannot have a knife on you or in your carry on luggage. TSA and other laws prohibit this strictly so that there is no incident on the plane.

    However, you can have a knife in your luggage after checking. Since it won’t be in your hands, it’s fine to have. Make sure that your knives are secure in sheaths, casing, or knife rolls. A great idea would be to buy a TSA lock to secure your knives. You will be wise to inform the airline security of the knives you carry before they check for anything. Also, ask for the inspection in your presence.

    Don’t try to sneak in a knife in your carry-on luggage as the act is a punishable offense. However, if you forget about a knife that you are carrying, there are a few things that may happen. TSA allows you to go back to your vehicle and keep it there. Their policy also enables a meticulous check of your luggage. You may have to give up the knife to the TSA. Finally, you will have the opportunity to mail the blades. For this reason, A lot of airport security checkpoints have mailboxes around.

    Carrying Knives While Travelling Via Railway 

    If you are traveling by rail, you can’t have knives on you or in your bags. It’s not even okay to have knives in your stow-away luggage.

    Although the laws and regulations preventing you from carrying knives on rail exist, the enforcement is weak. However, it would be best if you did not take advantage of the leniency. After all, laws are laws because people abide by them. You have to check the regulations first hand if you are thinking of carrying knives along with you.

    There are some exceptions, such as Greyhound. They allow you to keep knives in your stow away luggage while you travel with them.

    Carrying Knives In Personal Vehicles

    Traveling in your car is not safe either if you have knives in the vehicle. If there are restrictions on knife carrying in the state you are in, police can stop you. They might proceed with a search without a search warrant.

    Once the police find the knife, you will have to go into custody. So, don’t go on a random adventure with knives. It is best to research the state laws of the places you will be in.

    Shipping Your Knives

    You can ship your knives via USPS, but FEDEX has fewer restrictions. There are certain knives that you cannot ship as its a federal offense. UPS and DHL are good for shipping as they have no restrictions regarding knives. However, it is best to read up on their policies before using their service. Also, learn the laws of the arrival location.

    Make sure that the packaging of your knives is secure. You should use a knife roll or a padded case to enclose your knives.

    Final Thoughts

    Carrying a knife is tricky if you are traveling across states. The laws regarding knives vary from state to state, so it is wise to research all the rules carefully.

    You might not be able to travel with your knives in certain modes of transportation. For this reason, consider shipping your knives. However, be aware of the policies of the shipping company.

    Knives are not unlawful to have. After all, they aid in security and survival. But some regulations protect people from possible mishaps. Be safe and follow the rules while traveling with knives. 


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