Staying Fit and Healthy at Home During the Coronavirus Lockdown

    With the intensity of the coronavirus outbreak and its ability to be spread easily, practicing social distancing has become absolutely essential. Trying to limit your interaction with others, as well as the implementation of national lockdowns in large parts of the world, staying fit is becoming a lot more difficult.

    Many gyms have shut down, in fear of spreading coronavirus, leaving you responsible for taking your health and fitness into your own hands. 

    Instead of letting your anxiety get the best of you, and resorting to stress eating, here are a few tips to help you stay fit and healthy during the coronavirus lockdown:

    Online Classes

    Just because gyms have shut down in Oakland, as well as many other places in the world to try and stop the virus from spreading, doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. While there is a wide variety of exercises you can do at home, you can attend online classes in Oakland, or anywhere for that matter, to encourage you to exercise with others.

    With a fixed schedule and working out with other people at the same time, it’s a great source of motivation to get you exercising, instead of having to rely on yourself for discipline and encouragement.

    Hire a Personal Trainer

    If there’s ever a time a personal trainer is required, now is that time. However, instead of actually meeting with them, you can hire an online personal trainer to help you achieve your goals. You’ll find online personal trainers that will customize an exercise plan according to your specific targets and goals. 

    There are other personal trainers who will take it one step further, by tuning in with you on a daily basis during a specific time to motivate you into doing your workout. With different live video options available, they can make sure that you’re staying on top of your game, as well as correct you if you do any wrong movements, to prevent any injuries.

    This is a great way to stick to a workout plan. Furthermore, the plan will be tailored to your exact needs, as well as the most suitable timings depending on your schedule. Having someone hold you accountable, track your attendance and encourage you every step of the way, is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that you stay fit and healthy, even when you’re at home.

    Once you’ve paid for the classes, you’ll be more determined to stay on track and put your money to good use. 

    Follow a Schedule

    Being stuck at home makes it easy for you to slack off. Without having a fixed routine, you can easily end up doing very little work, lacking the time or energy to exercise and having problems getting out of bed., Furthermore, with all that free time, you can end up binge-watching random shows.

    However, you’d be surprised how effective penciling in your schedule can really be. Forcing yourself to get up an hour before work to exercise, will allow you to start your day off fresh, with the determination to stay healthy and fit, before you get lost in the events of the day. It will also give you more energy to be productive and finish off the things you need to do at the start of the day, to prevent you from dragging on these tasks throughout the remainder of the day.

    Remember to schedule your breaks and try, as much as possible, to stick to it in order to avoid tasks taking longer than planned.

    Avoid Stress-eating

    There’s something about not being able to go out whenever you please or having too much time on your hands, which makes the body turn to food for comfort. However, in order to steer clear of this habit, the best action to do is to avoid buying any unhealthy items;  this will allow you to continue eating clean even when you get bored.

    Instead of resorting to eating unhealthy snacks, you can make healthy ones instead. Whether it’s healthy, nutritious cakes, cookies or even sliced bell peppers, carrots and cucumbers; having these options around will give you the opportunity to stay healthy, even during coronavirus lockdown

    While the coronavirus lockdown is driving everyone pretty crazy, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise your health and fitness while you self-quarantine at home. Instead of losing all that effort and results you’ve managed to achieve, it’s time to make use of this lockdown and really work on maintaining your health, as well as putting that extra time you have on your hands to good use.


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