How to Introduce Pastel for Men’s Fashion

    No doubt, neutrals are for men. They are great. All the blacks, the navies, and the greys out there! They match every skin tone and make for the perfect gentleman outfit. But what’s there remaining entirely monochrome? Especially for the men! 

    Fortunately, colors are making a comeback in the fashion for men industry, and pastels have become a major trend these days. From sherbet lemon to candy floss pink, sugar shades are making a bang in the men’s fashion menu.

    They have become the color palette of choice on both the high street and the runway. These candy-colored, flattering hues are sufficiently good at lifting any outfit from ordinary to attractive and interesting.

    So, leave the blacks and the greys behind and add more color to your wardrobe by going for the pistachio greens and the soft peaches. As with any switch-up, it’s always worth doing the research before plunging in.

    While pastels might be the tonic for some guys, every man has his very own spectrum of suitable shades. Let’s dive in to find how to introduce pastel in men’s fashion:

    Start Small

    Subtlety is the key thing about pastels. It’s enough to wear just one clothing item in pastel to avoid the Easter egg vibes.

    Just a few small touches here and there, along with accessories like socks, would be one good way of introducing pastel colors into a man’s attire. This will have maximum impact without putting in a lot of effort.

    Team Up Pastels with Streetwear

    The darker and more serious shades like inky blue, black, and army green have always ruled the streetwear fashion scene. However, there are major changes in the modern urban realm of fashion.

    This is a bright and colorful phase where strong colors like blue and red are widely favored. And this is the season where softer pastel shades are bringing color back with a bang to street fashion.

    Men can easily create an on-trend, in-season style by sticking to frostier, greyed-out pastels. These will not just refresh your appearance but will also retain a clean and cool edge. You can go for designer graphic t-shirts in icy blue color or swap that khaki sweatshirt of yours with the ones in guava green.

    It’s high time you give those skinny black jeans a break and put on dusty teal or relaxed lavender chinos instead.

    Choose Loose Clothing

    Um-hm…slim fits are definitely in! Of course, tight clothes are considered an idea by both men and women, but tight clothes and pastel shades do not work well together. It always works to choose loose outfits when going with pastels for men.

    No, it’s not slim-fit you should choose but out and out loose clothing. An expert tip to go with here is that pastels generally make a person appear larger than he originally is. Hence, men should avoid oversizing themselves when wearing pastels.

    Strike the right balance, and you will find pastel clothes bringing out the best in you!

    Pastel Men's Fashion

    Take Skin Tone into Account

    It’s always wise to put in a good amount of time studying your reflection in a pastel before choosing any shades. One wrong shade, and you might end up looking red-faced. The pastel color wheel is divided into cool and warm colors.

    Red, yellow, and orange are warmer tones, while purple, blue, and green are cooler. The same works for your skin tone as well. You can have a cool undertone or a warm undertone, depending on the color of the veins in your arms. If they are blue, you have a cool undertone, and if they are green, you have a warm undertone.

    There are even hard and soft pastels. The softer shades are washed out, hard, and more vibrant. They do not work for fair-skinned men. Such men should go for the more vibrant hues like pistachio or coral green.

    Those with medium complexion have an olive tone and can hold well against the softer pastels such as lilac or mint green. The dark-colored men look well in almost any pastel color. Hence, they have the option of playing around with the entire spectrum of pastels.

    Fabrics – They Are Important When Wearing Pastels

    Linen and cotton are probably the most flattering fabrics when it comes to wearing pastels. This is because of the inherent nature of these materials. They sit well on and suit the majority of the individuals. Since they are lighter in weight, they go well with the softer pastel palette.

    Breathable linens and cotton in soft and light pastel colors are cool and wonderful for the warmer weather.

    Consider the Surroundings

    If you need to wear navy or grey to the office and it’s mandatory for the employees, then sorry, you cannot indulge in pastels anyway. So, if you are fond of pastel colors and are looking to incorporate them in your regular attire, go through the employee handbook first to know the office dress code.

    Hoping for the best, pastels work superbly well in smart settings. They are the go-to color for summer weddings and parties. In the settings where you require a bit of dressing up, you can try out pastel suits with sneakers and a white t-shirt.

    Do Not Forget Pastel Accessories!

    When wearing pastels, men should not miss out on pastel accessories. Or for the men who think going all pastel for work or on the street might look a bit overdone, it’s best to start small. You can start by including the palette in the accessories you wear with your regular outfit.

    For instance, you can opt for a pastel baseball cap or sunglasses or sneakers for a pop of color in your everyday fashion.


    Introducing pastels in men’s fashion can be a bit tricky. But with the right advice in this field, you will find the pastel trend spreading like wildfire. So, be bold enough to introduce pastel in your professional or personal circle. Be an inspiration for others.

    With fashion being the source and also the medium, this task will become infinitely interesting for you!


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