Fashion For Men: How To Find Sustainable Men’s Clothes

    The production of men’s fashion has increased significantly over the years to a point where you can now expect cheap clothing made from cheap materials. However, clothing and other fashion items contribute as much as 10% of carbon emissions every year across the world. This number alone is more than what all international flights release annually.

    Finding ways to break the fast cycle of fashion presents a new challenge. Finding sustainable clothing seems like an even more significant challenge. However, a little research about the different brands and their certifications can help you learn about more sustainable men’s clothing and break the chain of fast fashion. With this information, you can buy clothing produced with environmental conservation in mind.

    Here are some tips on how you can find sustainable clothes for men without breaking a sweat.

    Learn More About Sustainable Brands

    It is much easier for you to find sustainable clothing if you already have a few brands you can turn to. Several sustainable brands you can buy from and find them need a bit of research and scrutiny. You can depend on these brands to provide the ideal fashion items at the right price point.

    You can verify how sustainable a clothing brand is by checking its website. Check the “About US” section on the website to find out if they have anything about sustainability. If there is no piece of information linked to this, chances are they are not sustainable. If they have a sketchy or vague statement about sustainability, they may not practice it in their production. Some manufacturers use misleading phrases to trick customers into thinking that they are sustainable when they are not. Make a point of doing some research about third-party certifications even after checking a manufacturer’s website.

    Some large manufacturers have introduced sustainable fashion lines to use more ethical practices and eco-friendly materials than their traditional lines. You can also find sustainable fashion products in various online stores such as blonde gone rogue. However, many people have raised questions about such lines as companies still practice fast fashion in their production. If you have to shop from a major manufacturer, try as much as possible to buy from the sustainable clothing line to know that customers value sustainability.

    Check For Proper Certifications

    If you want to limit hazardous chemicals in the clothing production process, always look for OEKO-TEX certified clothes. OEKO-Tex is a body that monitors the status of the use of dangerous chemicals in the fashion industry. They have put in place different standards that apply to woven textiles and leather. Their website indicates the various companies that have their certification. By shopping for clothing from brands certified by the company, you avoid companies that use dangerous chemicals in their manufacturing.

    Chemicals used to produce unsustainable men’s clothing are dangerous to the ecosystem that the certification aims to stop. Clothes from brands with this certification will have a label indicating this.

    The Global Organic textile Certification is another certification that monitors the chemicals used by manufacturers in the production of clothing and fashion items. It considers the ethical and social responsibilities of clothing brands as well as the packaging methods they use. From their website, you can learn about the different manufacturers, and their ranking on the sustainability scale then buy from manufacturers with a higher ranking.

    The Fashion Transparency Index also conducts annual studies to determine different clothing manufacturers’ social and environmental impact. They then document all the brands with a 0 to 100 scale rating based on transparency and indication of their clothing. You can then look at the brands to find any brands you like. You can be sure that you have access to all the information about the sustainability of the brand.

    With Fair Trade certification, you get clothes from manufacturers that stick to ethical practices in the fashion industry. They also consider the environmental impact of the production process. All clothes with the Fair Trade certification are made with the environment and human rights as a priority. It also ensures that all the workers employed by the manufacturer earned at least minimum wage for their labor.

    Be Careful When Choosing Materials

    Sustainable Mens Fashion

    If sustainability is your priority when shopping for men’s clothes, you should always go for clothes made from recycled materials. Manufacturing fabrics from new materials requires a lot of energy and raw materials, so they cannot guarantee sustainability. Fabrics made from recycled materials such as polyester manufactured from old fishing nets and plastic bottles offer a great way to use readily available materials to produce entirely new products.

    When buying leather substitutes, be cautious. Leather made from plastic or vegan leather does not pose a threat to many animals. It is a good alternative for people who have a problem with leather from an ethical standpoint. However, the chemical process involved in turning plastic into leather is also a threat to the environment since it consists of fossil fuels. If you need sustainable leather products, consider going for secondhand items. Vegan leather has a shorter lifespan as compared to authentic leather, so it is not sustainable.

    Stay away from synthetic fabrics and polyester. Some of the most common examples of synthetic fabrics include acrylic, neoprene, nylon, and polyester. Such materials shed microplastics that find their way into waterways. Their production also needs a lot of oil and energy. For more sustainable clothing, always go for natural fibers such as cotton, wool, and silk. If you need stretchy outfits for your workout sessions, go for polyester products manufactured using recycled plastic.

    Buying quality products that are highly durable also helps with sustainability. They last longer, which allows you to get the most out of them compared to fast fashion products that can only serve you for a short time. Reducing the frequency of your washing and hanging your clothes out to dry also increases their durability.

    In conclusion, you cannot build a sustainable wardrobe without following the tips provided above. They can help you find clothing that fits your lifestyle and budget. There is no secret about being a conscious buyer. However, the more the sustainable fashion movement grows, the easier it will add to your wardrobe with the environment in mind.


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