6 Quirky Ways To Personalize Your Wardrobe

    One of the fashion trends that seem never to go outdated is personalizing one’s apparel. Can you imagine going out into the streets only to find two or more people wearing the same clothing as you? That’s not impossible, especially that many would readily dive into the latest trends as soon as they see others wearing them. 

    While wearing what’s hot now can make you feel and look good, using something that you’re the only one donning in a crowd can provide a special and inexplicable feeling.  

    Nowadays, personalized fashion is said to be becoming the next big thing, making it the perfect way to make a statement through your style. You can personalize in many ways through monograms, embroidery embossed names, or even creating an entirely new product just for yourself. You have lots of options and it all depends on how creative and imaginative you can be. 

    So, how will you begin your life’s personalized fashion era? Here are six quirky ways to personalize your wardrobe. Read on to learn more.  

    1. Consider Creative Personalized T-Shirts 

    One of the most famous ways to personalize your wardrobe is through customized t-shirts. Wherever you go, you’ll always meet lots of people rocking their personalized t-shirts and sometimes, even using them as gifts for their friends. 

    The best thing about customized t-shirts is that you’re not limited to only printing your name or initials on them. Instead, you’re free to go bold and print your favorite quote, inside joke, slogan, celebrity, cartoon character, and anything that comes to mind.  

    There’s still plenty of customized t-shirt ideas available out there for you to explore and try out. You can explore different colors, designs, styles, and anything that’ll make you stand out when wearing them. You might even want customized t-shirts to be used for different seasons and holidays – it’s all up to you.  

    2. Bring Beautiful Bespoke Bags 

    Perhaps you’re already used to seeing others bringing the same bag as you are when working or traveling to different cities. One quirky way to personalize your carrier is by incorporating your name or initials into them. If you wish to differ, you can create your very own design and have it monogrammed in every bag you own to make a statement.  

    Some designer bags may offer you complimentary monogramming services, while others may charge a fee. Some would even allow you to craft your bespoke bag creation to help you stand out among the hundred bag users you meet every day. 

    Once you have your bespoke bag in your hands, you can confidently carry it around with you wherever you may go.  

    Quirky Personalize Wardrobe

    3. Go With Customized Jackets 

    Whatever type of jacket you have, may it be denim, leather, cardigan, or bomber jacket, you always have the option to have them personalized. For your corporate jackets, you can easily have them monogrammed with your initials, like the ones you see in the movies.  

    For a more casual look, you can have your denim, bomber, and leather jackets embroidered or printed with your own design, logo, quote, or slogan. If you’re done with printing and embroidering your jackets, you can invest in creating your very own winter coat and decide its style, features, and function.  

    4. Use Personalized Accessories 

    Personalized accessories have always been a fashion staple for several years and continue even today. 

    You have the option to customize the cufflinks, tie bars, or watches that you own. This can be easily done by either having your initials engraved on its surface or incorporating your own logo or slogan into your ties and watches. You can also personalize your leather wallets, duffel bags, and toiletry cases with your favorite quote. All these unique creations can turn a casual outfit into an interesting look. 

    5. Don Monogrammed Shoes 

    Aside from clothes and accessories, you also have the option to personalize your shoes. Imagine wearing your very own style of footwear with everyone wondering where and how you got them.

    You may check out some designer shoe companies and brands that can help you create your own footwear. Some may also guide you on how to style them fit to your preferences. If you’re not planning to design your own pair of shoes, you may go with monogramming them with your slogan or initials to make them unique and one of a kind.  

    6. Suit Up With Stylish Tailored Suits 

    Wearing ready-made suits might not always be your exact fit, leaving you with a suit that’s too loose or too tight for you to fit in. To be safe, and at the same time, achieve that timeless look, it’s always best to at least have one or two tailored suits in your wardrobe so you can use them anytime when you’re attending formal events, meetings, and other special gatherings.  

    Wrap Up 

    It turns out that showing off your fashion style isn’t only about mixing and matching the right clothes. Instead, you can amp up your fashion game by personalizing your wardrobe and owning every piece of clothing. So, be bold in exploring different fashion styles and try out these quirky ways of personalizing your wardrobe.


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