The Men’s Guide to Adding More Color to Your Wardrobe

    Adding more color into your wardrobe is something that a lot of people would like to do. But never end up getting around to doing it. If this is something that you have been contemplating, then what better time to take the step than summer? Summer is the season when we see a lot of people embracing their bright and colorful side. So it is a good time to experiment without having to stand out in a crowd so much. Colorful clothing can also sometimes be much cooler to wear, so physically you will be more comfortable. Here are a couple of ways that men can effortlessly add some more color to their wardrobe. 

    Get A Cool Mexican Blanket 

    Why not go for some different patterns and colors. And go for a cool Mexican blanket to make your wardrobe a bit different this year? These will provide a unique twist to your current wardrobe and they are designed and made in Mexico. These blankets are made from recycled materials from family-run operations. So not only are they eco-friendly, but they also originate from authentic and family-run businesses. This will make you feel much better when using the blankets. As knowing where they have come from ensures that you are purchasing from ethical sources. These come in so many different patterns and colors. Some are really bright and vibrant and others are a little more muted. Whatever you want to use these for, they’ll be perfect. Whether that be interior décor, a yoga mat or even a picnic blanket, you will be bringing color to wherever you go. 

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    Buy Some Interesting Summer Shirts 

    Summer shirts are available everywhere! So buying a new one for this summer is an easy way you can incorporate color into your outfit this year. These come in a variety of different colors and patterns so you can go as bold or as tame as you like, depending on how creative you are feeling. Wearing colorful shirts is perfect for the summer holidays too. They are usually light and airy and will allow your skin to breathe when in the hot sun. Simultaneously, they are a good cover-up from the sun and will prevent you from getting sunburnt. Shirts can be worn oversized so you can buy a few and keep them for years to come. To avoid having to buy clothing over and over again.

    Wear More Colorful Trainers

    An easy way to incorporate more color into your clothing is by wearing trainers that are bright and colorful. There are so many colorful trainers on the market due to them being practical for exercise purposes. As well as being trendy for fashion purposes. Wearing colorful trainers can be an easy first step to incorporating color into your wardrobe. If this isn’t something you’re used to, as you can keep your clothing mainly monochrome but just add a small bit of color on your feet. Having a good quality pair of trainers is something you’ll want to invest in. Having a comfortable pair of shoes that you can wear casually is so important for any informal situation or doing things such as sightseeing, so investing in a trendy pair is something you can do simultaneously. 

    Adding color is a good first step to increasing your self-confidence – color isn’t for everyone, but if you have any urges to wear it then don’t let anyone stand in your way. No one doesn’t ‘suit’ color – it can suit everyone as long as you own it and remain confident. Particularly for men, there can be pressure to conform to certain outfits – but why not subvert this and go wild? 


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