Bamboo Pillow: Pros and Con You Must Know

    Many people across the world have trouble sleeping or getting a good night’s sleep. There are several reasons why you may struggle to sleep. Your sleep problem could be a result of your medical condition, stress, pain, or even snoring. 

    But most of the time it is because of poor bedding such as pillows, mattresses, or bedsheets. A quick fix to improve your sleeping pattern is to switch to a more comfortable pillow. 

    Bamboo pillows are becoming increasingly popular as it has the potential to help you sleep better. The bamboo fabric is soft, breathable, durable, and even aligns your body posture better while sleeping. If you want to add more eco-friendly products to your sustainable lifestyle, here are 4 excellent choices!

    In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of using bamboo pillows:



    If you are someone who suffers from allergies, bamboo pillows are a great option for you. These pillows are naturally hypoallergenic which prevents dust, molds, dust mites, etc from living on them. The antimicrobial benefits protect your skin from rashes and allow it to breathe better.

    Better Support 

    Bamboo is made of a viscoelastic material that molds according to the shape of your body. The memory foam is great for every type of sleeper as it adjusts the contour of your shoulder, neck, and back throughout the night. Want to support your neck with a bamboo pillow? Switch to this eco-friendly pillow today. 


    The bamboo pillow works great for people living in warm climates as the organic material allows people to breathe better while sleeping. Because the material dissipates heat easily, your pillow stays cool through the material. 


    Another great benefit of using bamboo pillows is that it absorbs moisture easily. This means that for people who are hot sleepers, it allows the heat from the pillow to escape quickly and keeps your head cool and dry. This absorbent feature also keeps your pillow fresh and clean throughout the night. 


    Bamboo material is said to last longer than traditional pillows as it is a memory foam pillow. These pillows have better density and viscoelasticity that allow them to retain their initial shape for more than 5 years. Along with the other benefits on this list, it is a great alternative. 


    Bamboo is a natural organic material that is great for the environment. Bamboos are one of the fastest-growing trees on the earth and also use less water. Additionally, bamboo trees require little to no pesticides or fertilizers which makes them an excellent eco-friendly material.  

    Pros Cons Bamboo pillows


    Time to Adjust 

    If you are new to bamboo pillows, you might take time to adjust to the pillow. Trying memory foam for the first time can give you some discomfort. Over a period of time, your body will adjust to the pillow that will help you sleep better at night. However, the adjustment period may take days or weeks. 

    Strong Smell

    One of the most common complaints about this pillow is the strong smell that comes with the pillow. This smell can be off-putting, especially for those who are sensitive to odors and can be irritating for some. Keep in mind that this smell eventually fades away but if you purchase a bamboo pillow prepare yourself for this smell for the first few days. 

    Washing Difficulties 

    Washing bamboo pillows may be time-consuming compared to regular pillows. For you to wash your pillow efficiently, you need to remove the shredded foam filling and wash the cover separately. After washing both should be dried properly before bringing them together. Even the slightest of wetness can cause fungal growth or a musty smell. This whole process can be frustrating as you can lose the filling or ruin it if not done right. 

    Final Thought

    If you are looking for a quality pillow that will improve your sleep cycle, bamboo is the true choice for you. However, these pros and cons will give you a brief idea of what you are getting to when purchasing a bamboo pillow. It is important that you do your research and choose the right pillow that suits your needs. 

    Still, struggling to sleep? Here are some simple sleep solutions that you should consider to improve your sleep. 


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