Sleep Tight! Simple Sleep Solutions

    A night of good night sleep is a blessing for your body. It is also a necessity. Without it, you will be at risk of many health and medical conditions.

    The risk for stress, depressive disorders, diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases increases with every hour of lost sleep. It is, therefore, imperative to enjoy a full night’s sleep. The recommended level is at least 7 hours.

    The ideal number of hours of rest is eight. For some people, sleep comes naturally without problems; others need to spice things up to enjoy sleeping. 

    Whatever category you are, you can benefit from these simple sleep solutions.

    Condition Your Body

    The sleep-wake cycle, otherwise known as the circadian rhythm, is a natural response for the body. It tends to complete its cycle every 24 hours. If you work regular jobs of 9-5, you are lucky because you do not need to condition your system otherwise.

    If you work shift jobs, you will have to condition your cycle a little differently by sleeping and waking at regular times. It does not matter when your shift ends; you can sleep at that time. It might surprise you that you can actually optimize the cycle to sleep during the day and work at night. 

    Get Proper Beddings

    It starts with a good bed. You will need a bed that caters to your needs. It should be the right size and positioning. Some people are advised to buy orthopedic beds because of their support needs, especially those who have medical problems.

    However, it would help if you had a comfortable bed. Perhaps the most important aspect of a bed is a mattress. The market for a quality mattress is littered with all manner of claims. However, a good mattress will have enough support for your back and the rest of the body. It should not easily distort at the slightest touch. If you tend to run hot at night there are mattresses made for hot sleepers with back pain

    Generally, you may need blankets or duvets. On top of that, bedsheets and pillowcases will also come in handy, so Sleep Authorities recommend you to buy extra bedding. Ensure that you have the material that offers you the greatest comfort.

    The material you choose should be soft. You can choose from new and imaginative choices such as lyocell, flannel, or even bamboo if you don’t want the traditional cotton or woolen bedding.

    Do Not Eat Just Before Going to Bed

    Metabolism, just like any other body function, requires energy and brain function. If you eat before sleeping, the natural body digestive function will continue to work even when you are asleep.

    The result of this is that you will have disrupted sleep. Some people respond to this body function by dreaming. Doing so can keep the brain functions active. This can significantly affect your sleep quality. Take dinner at least an hour before retiring to bed.

    Take a Bath Before Going to Bed

    A shower can be quite invigorating, especially after a day of work. Taking such a power bath before sleeping will open up all your skin pores and massage your body. Doing so can increase your speed of falling asleep and reduce the risk of lost sleep. A relaxed body sleeps better. If you have trouble sleeping, it is always advisable to see a doctor to rule out any other sleep problems. 

    Optimize Your Bedroom Environment

    As noted above, you may need to arrange your circadian rhythm to fit into your sleeping patterns. First, you need to provide air conditioning to your sleeping area.

    If you are sleeping during the day, the natural temperatures could be high, preventing you from enjoying your sleep. You may also need to provide an artificial cover of darkness to reduce distractions brought about by light in the room. You can do this by altering your theme colors or choice of lighting in the house.

    Reduce Alcohol and Stimulant Intake

    Too much alcohol will come with many problems. First, it can force you to sleep more than you should, which is a problem. It can also affect the quality of sleep that you get.

    Furthermore, hangover and its symptoms will ruin the benefits that you may have accrued during your sleep. Taking stimulants before bed is also counterproductive. They tell the body to be active. Sleeping is the opposite of that. 

    If you have avoided or done these things, you can enjoy your good night or day sleep. The takeaways are that you should always find time to sleep, even in a crowded shift work schedule. You should also ensure that your bedroom is optimized. It should not be too cold or too hot.


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