Try Out These 3 Products for a Sustainable Lifestyle

    Let’s get real, caring about the environment is something all the cool kids are doing. It’s no longer reserved for hippie activists or left-wing politicians; it’s an ethical duty collectively shared by all global citizens.

    A lot of men might think that nature is as strong and resilient as they believe themselves to be, but as we all know, things are rarely as they seem on the surface.

    Most of us are don’t actually see the damage we’re doing to the environment. We’re fortunate enough to have fair labor laws that protect the working conditions of manufacturing facilities. We live away from beaches that are riddled with litter washed up by our oceans.

    Our government places regulations on vehicle emissions, saving us from clouds of smog and polluted air that many others are forced to breathe around the world. Heck, some of us might look outside and wonder how climate change is even a “thing” considering how great the weather is!

    But this type of “not my problem” mentality is extremely dangerous, same with thinking that there’s nothing you can do to make a difference. You don’t have to overhaul your habits to help out; here are three products you can try to easily build a more sustainable lifestyle that you can feel proud about.

    1. Earth-Friendly Grooming Kits

    We’re all about the celebration of beards, so we’d never ask our beard-wielding brothers or beard-loving sisters to step down their grooming game in favor of sustainability. The key is to go plastic-free while keeping your beard in top condition.

    Did you know that individuals consume over 100kg of plastic per year? This is by and large due single-use products that result in tons—literally, tons—of waste in landfills that requires centuries to decompose, and in oceans where it destroys the ecosystems that make our planet possible. It’s contaminated so much of our environment, in fact, that tiny pieces of plastic pollution have been found raining down from the sky. That’s just gross, no matter what your stance is on sustainability. This is why you should consider getting yourself a sustainable toothbrush made from bamboo instead of a plastic one.

    Do your part to prevent this problem from getting any worse by saying no to single-use plastic in all shapes and forms. If carrying and cleaning stainless steel straws seems like too much of a hassle, you can at least pick up an insulated thermos. At the very minimum, choose plastic-free options of the products you already purchase—including the grooming kit that keeps your beard looking at its best!

    We love Professor Fuzzworthy’s beard care because they’ve leaded the industry’s sustainability movement all the way back since 1993, and have saved over a million pieces of plastic from landfills within that time. Not only is their packaging 99.9% waste-free, but their products are 100% natural, formulated with pure ingredients and zero harmful chemicals.

    2. Bamboo Basics

    Men tend to not put much thought into the clothes they wear. “Does this shirt fit?” Yep? Then consider it done!

    We try to help dudes dress better with some tips on fashion 101, but let’s take it one step further and explain how taking the time to read your clothing label can contribute to the fight against climate change.

    First of all, it’s important to note that some textiles are way more taxing on the earth’s land and water resources. Cotton crops, in particular, are extremely inefficient but commonly used in clothing due to their low-cost. Guys, how many pairs of cotton socks do you cycle through on a regular basis, either because you bust a hole through the toe, or you can’t get rid their rancid smell? Every new pack you purchase might seem like NBD, but it’s actually part of a big problem.

    Introducing bamboo socks by Boody Eco Wear, a new way to keep your feet odor-free. Compared to cotton, bamboo textile is produced way more sustainably. Plus, its properties are naturally durable with an impressive ability to wick away moisture, keeping feet clean and dry. 

    3. Vegan Work Boots

    Even if your diet is carnivorous, you can still go vegan with your footwear. Durable work boots are non-negotiable staples in a man’s wardrobe, since you need to know your daily go-to’s can withstand tons of wear and tear.

    But you might be surprised to learn that there are non-leather options equally as strong as their leather counterparts made from animal byproducts. Dr. Martens vegan shoes come from one of the biggest brand names in the boot game, so you know you can trust the quality, even though they’re made from entirely synthetic material.

    See? It’s totally possible to care for the environment without sacrificing your manhood. Pick out products like these and make the world a better place.


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