The Gentleman’s Guide To Dressing Casually

    Casual wear refers to an informal and relaxed style of clothing suited for everyday life. The clothes should look and feel comfortable while being neat and presentable at the same time. Though this style may sound simple and easy to put together, sometimes it could be tricky to select the right clothing items to design a complete look that’s both easygoing and fashionable. Aside from this, there’s a risk of looking too casual or underdressed for the occasion if the attire is too informal.

    Since there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to leisurewear, it depends on the wearer to strike a good balance between casual and formal depending on the occasion. When the lines get blurry, however, fashion experts agree that it’s always better to be overdressed than to be underdressed regardless of the occasion. In this regard, there’s no need to worry if you wear designer jackets or the top sock brands as long as you look and feel presentable in them. 

    Does your casual style hit the mark? Read the following points to check if your leisure wardrobe has that ‘laid-back yet elegant’ look that’ll give you the modern gentleman vibe:

    1. Your Clothes Match The Occasion

    There are many parties or events where a dress code is specified beforehand. There are also instances wherein the appropriate attire is implied by the nature of the event. Given these, it’s important to consider the type of event you’re attending so you can identify and put together the attire appropriate for it.

    Apart from showing consideration to the host and other guests, dressing appropriately for the occasion would allow you to give a good impression of yourself and interact confidently with others.

    2. You Look And Feel Comfortable

    As casual clothing entails comfort, it’s important that your clothes allow you to feel at ease. This sense of comfort can be easy to achieve as long as your wardrobe matches the weather, event, or activities that you plan to do. More so, it’s essential to keep the balance between comfort and presentability to avoid looking too informal or inappropriate. 

    For instance, you may be comfortable wearing your old graphic t-shirts. However, they may look a little too laid-back or informal as compared to plain ones that can give you a more mature and stylish look.

    Wearing well-fitting clothes will also allow you to move comfortably and feel more at ease no matter the situation. Apart from complementing your features, a good fit can give you a more refined and polished appearance.

    Dressing Casually

    3. Your Style Is Effortless

    While it’s becoming more common for men to wear trendy pieces and have a more personalized style, many still swear by investing in basic wardrobe staples that never go out of style. These basic items usually come in handy if you want to achieve that laid-back yet refined look. Some examples of these items are denim jeans, plain t-shirts, button-down shirts, sneakers, and loafers in neutral colors, among others. 

    Using these staples, you can create many different looks that you can alter as you see fit. You can also match the basics with a trendy accessory or a customized t-shirt to give your style a unique twist from time to time.

    4. You Have Stylish Details

    You can add stylish details to your wardrobe by putting your twist to it, whether through accessorizing or wearing items of clothing in a certain way. For example, a plain button-down shirt can be worn in many ways. You can have it fully tucked in on the front, or leave one side hanging out. It may be a slight difference, but it could affect your overall look.  

    With accessorizing, you can try several items and work with what looks best on you. While watches remain to be one of the most popular accessories for men, you might find that a wristband bracelet looks good on you, too. It may be a good experience to try accessories that you are unfamiliar with as well. 

    5. You’re Well-Groomed

    The casual attire allows room for comfort and uniqueness, though it still requires a certain level of refinement and presentability. As such, giving extra attention to grooming will give you a sharp and polished vibe while wearing a comfortable and relaxed style.

    You can achieve a polished look by giving attention to details like hairstyle, nail care, neat clothing, perfume, and others. These may be small details, but their importance to your overall style can’t be overlooked.


    ‘Clothes make the man,’ as the saying goes. However, the key to always looking sharp is by being well-groomed and presentable regardless of what you’re wearing. This will give you more confidence to carry yourself well in any situation.


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