Beard Trimming Mistakes Most Men Make

    Having a beard might be a huge trend right now, but that doesn’t mean that you should have just any beard type. Being an urban beardsman is actually much more challenging than it first seems. This is a look that takes a lot of preparation, from simple matters such as choosing the proper trimmer for your beard to the different styles you can go for. A trimmed beard is one that looks good, while a disheveled one only looks good if you’re going for a lumberjack look but that’s also a double-edged sword. So we can all agree that we should invest a bit more in keeping our beards trimmed – and if you don’t know how to do that, you might as well learn now. Let’s take a look at all the mistakes that men make while trimming their beard and make sure that we always stay one step ahead:

    Trimming carelessly

    “I’ll just have a quick trim and I’m out of the house” is probably the worst thing that you can do for your beard. It happens even to the best of us – sometimes, we don’t have enough time to trim properly, so we opt for a quickie. And in this sense, quickies are not great. Trimming your beard carelessly can result in taking out chunks of the beard, as mistakes can happen very easily. This is especially important if you’re rocking a very stylized beard; you need to allocate some time to trim it carefully. Imagine putting months and months of work into adequately maintaining your facial hair just to see everything going down the drain (both literally and figuratively) after one small mistake while carelessly trimming. How to fix this? Always leave at least half an hour (or longer if your beard is a high-maintenance one) for this routine.

    Don’t just let it grow

    On the other hand, there are always those guys who think that having a beard only means letting it grow uncontrollably. Don’t be that guy; rather, invest and take care of the facial hair you want to rock. In order to do this, you have to make sure you have a good facial hair trimmer and other products that your beard can benefit from. As far as the trimmers are concerned, Shoppster has a nice range of quality trimmers that come at a reasonable price. As far as other products go, make sure that your beard is conditioned well. Yes, this sometimes means that you have to spend a little extra cash on a conditioner, but you will see the difference once you start using it.

    Mind the neckline

    There’s one thing that can either make or break your trimmer beard look, and that is the neckline. It’s shocking how much a good neckline can make your beard look more dapper and professional and how much a lousy neckline can make you look ridiculous. So, in order to create the perfect neckline, make sure to go just above your Adam’s apple. This is not something that will take a lot of your time, as the right neckline can be achieved in just three steps.

    The beard likes a good wash

    Contrary to popular belief, the beard should be washed as much as your hair, if not more. The facial hair can get dirtier than your actual hair; it can catch food scraps that are not that visible, and it absorbs most of the smells, such as cigarette smoke or food smell. There are great beard shampoos on the market that you can use and this will kill two birds with one stone: it will keep your beard scent-free and it will make it look luscious and healthy.

    To sum up, having and rocking facial hair does take extra time, but then again, if you want to rock a beard, you better rock it the right way. Maintaining your beard, trimming it regularly and washing it every once in a while are all essential steps. After all, this is a feature that you want to accentuate, so do it right.


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