How To Trim A Beard

    Beard maintenance is key to getting that desired style and shape to your beard –  make sure you talk to your barber and research before trimming your beard.

    The trend for beards is still going strong, but it can be a tough look to pull off if not done right. Ensuring that your facial hair remains groomed to perfection is an integral part of essential beard upkeep, from a well-executed trim to regular conditioning and styling – yep, the hair on your chin requires just as much TLC as the hair on your head.

    To show you how it’s done, premium men’s grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge have put together the ultimate video guide to trimming and taking care of your beard. You will need: Wide-toothed beard & moustache comb, a pair of beard & moustache scissors, clippers (with extension guard), cut-throat Shavette razor , trimmer comb , Pomade.

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