Tips To Protect Your Beard While Wearing A Mask

    With the use of masks in public being mandatory in almost every country in the world comes a whole new issue for people who have beards. But it is just part of life now, and even though it is a bit of an inconvenience, the use of masks proves to prevent the spread of covid.

    With that said, these tips will enable you to protect your beard while wearing a mask.

    Selecting The Correct Type

    Finding the best mask to fit your beard can be difficult, especially when it comes to face masks that can cause your beard to get tangled in the area where your mask connects to your ears via a string; this can be painful. 

    Using a USMC neck gaiter that covers the entire area from your nose to the bottom of your neck can be a great way to keep your beard covered and still look professional. Some face masks don’t cover all your facial hair, which can look very untidy, especially in a work environment.

    Mask Wearing Beard

    Beard Oils

    Although beard oils are formulated to promote hair growth, prevent tangles, and dry skin, applying oil before putting your mask on can cause some issues.

    A mask covering your mouth and nose can cause heat and sweat to build up, primarily if you work in an environment where you are prone to sweating, or you live in a humid area; adding a face mask to this is like having two layers that prevent your skin from adequate air. 

    Adding oil to heat and moisture will promote bacterial growth and more skin issues such as acne. It’s best to apply your beard oil when you are not planning on leaving your home, or another option is to use it when you get home from work and no longer need the use of a face mask.

    Keep Your Beard Dry 

    One way to promote lousy hair is by not drying your beard sufficiency and then covering your face with a mask; this will encourage bacteria to grow and cause your beard hair to break easily, and allowing your beard to air dry will promote tangling.

    Drying your beard as best you can and ensuring enough air time will help to prevent moisture build-up underneath your face mask.

    Correct Care 

    Wearing a face mask all day can cause your beard to grow in a different direction, known as a beard dent. To prevent this, keep good care of your beard by applying the correct conditioners and oils and then blow-drying your beard with a comb in the direction you want your facial hair to grow. 

    Washing your beard either 2 or 3 times a week is sufficient even if you wear a face mask every day as overwashing can cause your skin to get dry.

    Wearing a face mask is not an issue if you take the correct care of your beard. In addition to this, the type of mask that you choose is also vital; a poor fit won’t provide your beard the space it needs.


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