The Best Cities to Visit Around the World With Your Buddies

    If you want to travel around the world, there is usually no one better to do it with than the friends who become family. 

    Your mates are there for you through thick and thin, so when it comes to having a rowdy week(end) away in the best places on earth – they’re the first people you think of. 

    Now you’ve got your mates sorted; it’s time to choose where you go, party central, casino oasis, or beers and cycling. The choice is yours!


    It might not be the most obvious choice, which is why it is perfect. Copenhagen offers so much in a relatively short space of time. So while you might have a week off, it’d be better to spend just a few days here and move on to another Eu destination by train. 

    Copenhagen has a thriving nightlife, so plan to stay out and check out countless bars. If you like to kick back and relax, there is an incredible speak-easy that will cater to it. Curfew Bar is ultra-cool, and anything on the cocktail menu will blow your mind. 

    It would be a crime to miss out on a fresh trim in the land of the Nordics. Carl’s Barber Shop is the place to head to – just make sure to book in advance. It’s not far from the city center, and it caters only to men. What makes Carl’s even more incredible? The fridge filled with cold beers and shelves of vintage comic books. 

    Cities Buddies Around World

    Las Vegas

    While it might not be as wild as The Hangover, the Las Vegas magic is strong. The lights, the smells, and the massive amount of things to do mean you and your mates will need to spend more than a weekend here. 

    If you arrive early in the morning, then you are just in time to enjoy one of the biggest breakfasts around. 

    Hash House a Go Go is hailed as the best breakfast and brunch joint around. Bring a big appetite and tuck into the incredible Farmhouse Egg Scrambles – scrambled eggs served with griddle mash or crispy fried potatoes, fresh fruit garnish, and biscuit. 

    Arrive later in the day? Grab their Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. 

    Now you are fuelled up; there isn’t a moment to waste. When in Las Vegas, you need to experience the incredible casino options –  live poker, slots, blackjack, and the luxurious table service. 

    Ready to kick it up a notch in the middle of the day? There are a plethora of day bars and clubs that are lively from midafternoon onwards. DAYLIGHT Beach Club is the epitome of sun, sea, and slinging back cocktails. A vast pool and made-to-order food make this unmissable. 


    Germany is one of the most exciting places you can spend time in—surrounded by history, architecture, and delicious food. However, plan a trip specifically to visit during Oktoberfest. 

    The Oktoberfest Festival lasts up to 16 days and is filled with concerts, national delicacies, Bavarian beer, and happy festival-goers. 

    If you missed the dates, never fear; Munich is still a place to visit no matter what time of year. If you are into history, this city has some of the darkest – but it makes for a thought-provoking trip. 

    Cities Buddies Around World


    After you finish a few days in Copenhagen, hop on a train and head to Stockholm. You can get anywhere in the county pretty quickly with their very efficient trains – so you can venture outside the capital. 

    Keep in mind that Stockholm doesn’t have a wild nightlife, but they have plenty of bars and restaurants that offer comfortable seating, music, and great food. 

    If you didn’t head to Carl’s in Copenhagen, then check out Barber & Books. They offer a traditional close shave, complete with a head massage. 

    If you want to do something unique and channel your inner Viking, then The Stockholm Knife Association offers the chance to make your blade and sheath. It’s an authentic crafting experience that includes pillar drills, grinders, and band saws. 


    It might seem like Amsterdam has been done to death, but if you only stay in the very heart of Amsterdam, you’re deeply in the tourist prices. 

    Amsterdam is one of the most enjoyable places when you are looking for a few days away from it all, with plenty of beer, scenery, and other indulgences. 

    A pub crawl is obligatory – just watch your step, many of the canals have very low barriers, and there are plenty of open cellar doors too. 

    You can skip the pubs, though, and check out some other excellent activities like go-karting, laser tag, quad and hummer driving, bubble football, or the famous beer bike. 

    De BeerBike is in Noord Amsterdam and is a 75-minute tour that has 20 liters of Heineken tap. Your tourist guide will tell you all about the area you are in, and you will navigate your way through the streams of city cyclists. 

    Unlike some of the other events, the beer bike can be rented at short notice!

    No matter what you and your mates are into, there is sure to be something exciting and enticing in any of these cities. Remember to spend a little time researching the area so that you can get the best prices. 

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